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Excited isnt the word, i cant think of a word to describe how this flyer makes me feel. New Zealand its been a long time coming and Zombies, dont even get me started! I still cant believe im going NZ, i honestly hope i meet an islander fall in love and never come back! lol

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Ok TV is the devil i know this but my question is does it count when you watch it at your own leisure on the internet and not at scheduled times? Im saying no it doesnt and thats why im about to gush over 2 new programmes that defo deserve a mention. First up The Walking Dead, Zombie drama series set in the US but featuring UK actors, is that a tax break? Whatever im feeling it immensely, the Zombies are to my liking they fit the handbook rule of the walking dead, no intelligence and slightly slow on their feet but fantastically gruesome.

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Peaches & Iggy Pop kick Zombie ass!

Kick It - Peaches & Iggy Pop
I don’t know why but i am obsessed by zombies, not in the way i would have a latex mask in my house or a copy of Evil Dead, ewww NO! However i do have a fondness for the brain dead eaters of living flesh, maybe its cause their the only bad guys i could out run, realistically. (more…)