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The worlds first!

Passed thru YoYo’s last night (I know I’m sad get over it!) to catch a friends set. Wasn’t gonna stay long but of course that didn’t happen, which was fun cause I met a whole heap of people and encountered a world first! Smokin outside the club Jamal, a tall ludacris lookalike in a safety pin clad leather jacket (dope!), introduced himself to me. Promoting his band True Ingredients and their debut album Prepare and Assemble he presented me with a gift, the worlds first album released on a pair of shades!!! Unfortunately there wasn’t a built in mp3 player on the specks, just a code on the arm which u can enter online for a free download…fortunately their not a bad pair of shades and I got to pick from a range of colours. Haven’t downloaded music yet but I hope it’s as impressive as the sales pitch!

Up, down and side to side.

What a week. Its been my final one in London and the first back in Manchester, however i’ll be spending it in Reading! Huh? I kind of like being all over the place but its just so tiring doing all the travelling. In London last night and this morning dropping off the hire van, stayed in my old flat which looks amazing without all my shit in it, lmao! I have way to much stuff…back in Manchester my 2 bedroom house is overflowing with sh*t mostly clothes and electrical goods but its still shit! Oh to have space, lovely hidden storage and space…..I need to sell everything, jumble/car boot sale…but im never around on a Sunday. Anyways not thinking about my hermits lair back in Manchester its over to Reading for a week’s session with Prash aka Catch 22, yay. Goodbye old smoke, hello the land of Uggo’s and then the land of blue jeans…im in Moscow at the weekend Wooo HOoo.