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My first rehearsal with The Qemists….

Down in Brighton last weekend for rehearsals with The Qemists and what a fun two days it was indeed. It was great to finally meet all the lads and rock the f**k out, which by the second day we totally did for a nice and surprisingly tight 40 minutes aka the set minus 2 tunes!! Lost Weekend which features Mike Patton is totally my favourite track of the album at the mo and sounds so sick live… (more…)

Im off to Japan!!!

Its official The Qemists will be in Japan in March performing live at The Liquid Rooms, Tokyo and Triangle, Osaka! Its been nearly 3 years since i was last in the east and i soooo can’t wait to go back esp with what i hope will be an amazing live show…rehearsals start next week :)

Jenna Ration G :P

Jenna G x The Qemists

A long time ago i wrote a tune with the Brighton dnb collective The Qemists, thanks to a Ninja Tune hook up. Finally their album ‘Join The Q‘ is finished and set for release this year featuring Wiley, Beardyman, Zoe Devlin, Mike Patton and little old me plus some banging beats n bass! First single is gonna be our collab ‘On the run‘, im mad excited as not only is there gonna be a video for the track (you know i loves the camera!!) but i”ll also be starting to rehearse down n Brighton with the Qemists alongside MC ID as part of their live show in a few weeks! After seeing Pendulum tear it up @ Origin in Perth im really keen to see how this live set up will work out. Im learning lyrics etc for all singing parts on the album as i type, its so much fun! Will keep you posted with gig dates which are coming up as soon as February, also theres rumours of a Japan tour in March, all dates will be listed on Events section in sidebar. Check out The Qemists and get ready for some heavyweight live show business!

Jenna Ration G

What happened in Adelaide…

[flickr album=72157612243465326 num=12 size=Square]

…stays in Adelaide quiet frankly and theres not much else to be said…it was semi rock n roll we walked into our hotel to be greeted by Chuck D and the rest of Public Enemys’ entourage, straight onto the festival after a quick shower n shine. On the bill Noisia, Chase n Status, Benga, Skream, Public Enemy, Utah Saints, Dbridge, DJ Lord, Subfocus and some other DJs in genres i know nothing about. At the bar pre-mixed spirits in various awful flavours, tinnys and straight vodka in the VIP. It was a crazy alcohol fuelled evening with an up for it crowd that was dope to play for and party amongst. Ended up in the dubstep lads hotel room after it was all done  keeping the peace during an almighty Apple powered sound clash with Dbridge (iphone) and Skream (macbook pro), whilst we all feasted on vodka and 70 Aussie dollars worth of Macdonalds…grimey!

For more snaps from my trip down under click the ‘view more photos’ link @ Jenna Ration G

Portugal here i come!

Up bright and early for a long ass drive to Stansted…all good though cause im off to Portugal for the Cultronica festival and i got Friday night to chill! Performing at the festival  on Sat with a complete stranger but very nice dude DJ Oder, should be large! If your in the area of Braganca head on down the line up is listed on the very nice flyer above but head to their myspace for more info! M1 im coming for ya….

Over n out Jenna G :)

Twitter Blogging

Ok so bloggin has been non exsistent since i got to South America….the technically savy readers of this here blog have been signing up to Twitter via link on left to keep up with whats going with Danny and me outhere. If you havent already i suggest you do the same cause you missed us hanging with Rock God`s, stalking Madonna, house tastic dance offs, me by the pool and much much more! For photos if you know me check the book of fass, else keep and eye on the my Flickr site, link jus above Twitter on the right, ciao for now xox

South America here we come!!

This time tomorrow i’ll be enjoying party time South America style longside Magneto Massive Danny Wheeler and his crew in Caracus. Long day of travelling ahead but its soo gonna be worth it cause right now smoking outside my sisters flat in Newbury Park its f**king freezin!!!! Roll on humidity and frizzy hair, beaches and drum n bass ;)

BBC2 Blast Film Festival

Been doing a bit of presenting for BBC Blast Film Festival alongside Radio 1′s film expert James King. Was a mad experience my first time having to switch cameras mid sentence…chat show host vibes lol!! It was such a fun day made all the more special by the lovely crew and amazing location…Dragons Den headquarters :) Watch the fruits of our labour combined with the fruits of yours this Friday morning on BBC 2 more info at end of post…. :)


Jenna G x Top Nine Bboys



Yesterday i was hanging with the Bboy World ChampionsTop Nine‘ all the way from Russia courtesy of BBC Blast ‘Behind the Scenes’. They were in London to perform their brand new show Accents, at Riverside Studios this evening. Wow, this show is amazing, its tells the history of music through dance, break dancing and b-boying to be precise. Chatting with the lads before and after their performance it was obvious how much passion they have for what they do, regardless of not being able to speak english very well the interviews were really engaging and taught me a hell of a lot interms of technique…i can lead anyone down the verbal path to create specific content for a show, however trying to do this without english as a common language was a challenge…Plus sides…the accent was sex in audio, seriously i think i need to marry a Russian :) I digress the crew are mad talented, having choreographed, scored and managed the whole fabulous performance themselves, taking influences from areas very much outside of the Bboying genre. My only criticism was that it was way too short, i could have watched them dance all night. Shouts to the Behind the Scenes crew, make-up master Mayu and of course the whole Top Nine crew….Fly Boy Robin (should have been fine boy!), Kosto (number one b-boy), Wolt (what a body), Komar (Skinnymans Russian double), Flying Buddah (12 packed shorty), Simpson (natural blonde), Rezky (in spirit) and Tony Rock (the mouth). Thanks for a dope day and the lil peace of Russia you brought with ya…didn’t they hear what happened to Ghostface LOL!!! Looking forward to getting my drink on amongst other thing with em next time im in St Petersburg! Watch out for the Behind the Scenes with Top Nine on BBC Blast website in the new year!

Oushka Duncan

Wow, im in awe and inspired to get out my felt tips and biros…such beautiful sketch work, looks kidlike at times and Gaudi-esque at others, amazing! Just seen the Saw poster yesterday which struck the living fear of god into me, so weird to discover Oushka as Artist of the Week the very next day who drew the inspiration for the poster…Picked out my favourites from the post over at C’est La Vie where you can check out the rest at your leisure.


2 in a row!

Red bull… 

Another night/morning at the Biasonic Laboratory, another track written. Inspired by alot of Redbull, a dash of Glenns’ and some herbal persuasion…Show some appreciation was the title tonight, My Reason was yesterdays. Started both tracks with no idea of lyrical intent. Just playing with words and structure ideas, got a bit confusing yesterday as the hook wasnt making any sense with the verse…some people can deal with that, after all some people dont even listen to the lyrics. Not me, i need a sense closure or at least a storyline of some sorts…Any hoo i figured it out in the end, the middle 8/after chorus/counter melody whatever you wanna name it, thats where it makes sense. Reminded of the song ‘Let me change your mind’ out on Development Music at the moment. Me and Zed wrote that back in March, like today the verses came in minutes…but i hadnt really caught on to what i was trying to say. When the hook hit, it was like a sweet release of tension in my creative soul, so worth staying up til 6am 2 nights in a row… ;)

Back at In The City 2008

ITC Logo 2008

It seems like ages since i was in college, studying (ehem) music and new media management. Back when i was first starting out you couldn’t keep me away from an industry event especially if there was a free drink involved. Leading me swiftly onto the topic of this post. Founded in 1992 by Yvette Livesey and the late great Anthony H Wilson, In The City has become the date in the music industry calendar and it all kicks off in Manchester this Sunday. I spent many a year in my youth at the conference networking and dining out on corporate accounts, Tony even took me over to ITC New York to perform at the conference there, big up the meat packing massive…ahhh the good old days!

Back in the present im free of time and well versed in the ways of ITC so i will be going back to my roots and attending the conference, getting well stuck in with a whole heap of activities that will no doubt have me propping up a bar on someone’s expense account, yay! I get my nostalgic free pass (worth a mint and with plenty of benefits!) plus i’ll be moderating one of the most talked about panels of the event, Bubbling Up featuring Wiley, Benga & Blessed Beats, as well as interviewing a number of the keynote speakers appearing through out the conference for ITC tv.

Roll on Sunday, im really looking forward to seeing some good live music…nervous about the panel, not happy with my prep so far, but mad excited about the people on it. Check me out if your down there on Tuesday 7th, i’ll be around Alexandra B Suite 12.00 onwards moderating the debate on self belief and self promotion! Dont forget to buy me a drink if you got an expense account, after all im a struggling artist at the moment ;)

ITC 2008

I made a video!!

Still haven’t posted about my departure from 1xtra, no particular reason, theres not alot to say…in the meantime i thought i’d mess around with iMovie and express some feeling through the medium of a video, i love Apple ;) But am having very different feelings about Vimeo which i cannot get to work on here….so in the mean time, please follow the link to my last day on 1Xtra.Twas much fun making, hope you enjoy watching! :)