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never coming home – atomique ft jenna g

Yeah so happy with how this lil session from over a year ago has turned out, big thank you to the Atomique crew for getting me to do this, long time no see y’all. EP sounds fresh and ready for the sunny season glad to be a part of it :)  Cover styles by the one and only Gina DrewesDisco Bird of Paradise‘ hot in my short set hoody, miss you sis danke xx If you’ve not got summer on your mind you soon will but be prepared, released exclusively on Beatport May 14th your ‘Never Coming Home’…

dictionary resolution

i have been subscribing to a few pointless things via email over the past few years one of them being which mails you a word a day from their online atelier . I recall at some point making an effort to use said word of the day thinking this might make me more intelligent…but that habit soon came and went like a virgin on prom night. (more…)