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digital camera barbie!?!

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

I want one NOW. I don’t need this video to convince me how awesome it is in comparison to my digital SLR! Ghostly hands in every shot and hot shoes, note thats 2 and not 1 hot shoe…lmao!

the eternal fly……

Saw this in the news yeaterday made me smile, Yasuhiro Suzukis’ Zip Boat…the seas like a huge pair of jeans!

Moka & the Machine

Wondering what ever happened to UnkleJam, last years bright new Virgin signing tipped for success with their amazing album?

Well they aint together no more, booooo, but fortunately the lead singer Moka (i never knew that was his name) is back with music to open your mind and make your hips move. It not too far from the original sound we know and love, which was so good its nice to see he hasn’t strayed to far from the funkadelic inspiration.

See for your self and cry out for more SPACE from Moka and the Machine.

Moka and the Machine on Myspace