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ramon maiden

Browsing Esty today for what i cant remember because somehow i stumbled across the macabrely beautiful art of Ramon Maiden. Vintage posters & prints of women and military men adorned with his tribal/symbolic doodling, wooden hand etched tattoo pieces,custom razor blade collages…im hooked, love, liked and now shared :) (more…)

20/20 three

You’d think that with only 20 songs to pick and 20mins of mixing to be done i could knock these 20/20 selections together weekly, however you’d be wrong. My time keeping for personal projects as of late is abysmal and so it seems for now 20/20 is a monthly thing, this month im feeling all girly and so my mix will be just that…of the female persuasion.

Enjoy x

so you’re sicilian?

Has to be the best scene from True Romance, Walken & Hopper killing it!

wikipedia confirms blue balls

Im not happy with this at all, i read in Just17 (the 1990′s teenage bible) that it was fictional, you know something a guy said to you to make you think not having sex with him is gonna cause him physical pain…which (even though i haven’t had first hand experience of that line in a while) still sounds f**king stupid! However after it came up in conversation tonight and i (not having any balls, physically of course) still refused to believe that Just17 got it wrong all those years ago Google was consulted which is when i found the horrifying  Wikipedia entry. I still cant believe its true but even Cosmo online has written an article on it, their opening line ‘Blue balls are not just a figment of a male’s imagination or a lame excuse to try and get you in the sack…’ – shut up Cosmo your supposed to be on my side!

My suspicion of this Wikipedia entry (regardless of the numerous other sites detailing this symptom without the slang vernacular) is still there thanks to the small paragraph at the bottom detailing the female equivalent of Blue Balls, which can be known as Blue Walls, Blue Box or Blue Curtains amongst other things…. LMFAO you have got to be kidding me?!?! Blue curtains  a real medical term and i haven’t heard it, i know some of the foulest mouthed people how can this be! Which leads me to my next question, so many ladies must have experienced Blue Curtains for them to coin a term for it, so just who out there has been left with a Blue Box? No disrespect to any fellas out there but ‘clit teaser’ is not a common used phrase for a reason, i never heard ‘No – Wait – Stop’ coming from a bloke…ha ha!

Male Groupies

Hmmmm do they exist? I mean groupies in the most affectionate way but still, are there men that just want to sleep with women cause they’ve seen them on stage/tv/magazines whatever?


Download This – The Steppahs Mixedupinnit!

Leaders of the new skool, according to ATM mag last November, but i already knew that. The Steppahs hailing from Manchester are dubstep divas ahoy and i salute them most highly! They got a whole load of mixes up online to get your grubby mitts on plus this brand spanking new one…so what ya waiting for go forth and download!!

The Steppahs – Mixedupinnit

Enjoy from Jenna Ration G

Are you feeling the christmas vibrations?

With Playstation controls....

With Playstation controls....

How is this like a mouth?

How is this like a mouth?

Travel companion!

Travel companion!

Boycotting Christmas this year coupled with being happily single i will not be privy to the partner present buying trends of 2008…last year lovers in London bought iPods, Clothes, books, Vinyl and pens for each other. They were nice but nothing compared to 2009′s favourite ‘stocking fillers’ that im sadly missing out on this year! It seems vibrators, that is luxury, custom made and rechargable vibrators are flying off the shelf quicker than the pounds going down! Compatible with as many house hold items as you wish and available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and of course price range the list is endless! Now being a woman has always had the pitfall of having too many choices, but for instances like shoes, bags, jewellery and now vibrators it aint such a bad thing. Recommendations from proud present buyers and friends on ichat this week are the Lelo and Sasi (which is said to simulate oral stimulation, erm if this is true expect these to be sold out!!), or the travel friendly Ohmibod. So fellas if your stuck on what to buy your beloved this chrimbo, give her something to get stuck on instead…tee hee, oh but make sure its luxury, that means Anne Summers does not count :P