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i cant bite my toe nails…

…in fact apart from helping me walk and keeping me balanced theres not much else that i do with my feet, to be honest im not their biggest fan. When i was in Infant 3 (5-6yrs old  i think) we were asked to draw humans in the future how we would have adapted to the changes in our enviroment and technology. My evolved  human/robot had cone shaped discs instead of feet (amongst other things)  because  ” Toe nails and dry skin take to much time to take care of ”  ”…space travel was far to important to spend time cleaning fluff from between your toes”. There was also no belly button for the exact same reason…obviously. However i might not have been so hasty to redesign those space travelling time wasters if Youtube was around back then!

Ok the singing and song choice – no comment, but regardless this is pretty inspiring!

Source – Popbitch Mailout

audi trainers by nash money!


OMG like i dont want an Audi enough,  they’ve only gone and got a leg end in street wear customs to create an exclusive range of these god like kicks. The A1 trainers could probably be the sickest black high tops i’ve ever seen. Red cross stitching, black patent swoosh, metal lace loops with matching tongue detail and the white flat laces like the gloss on a perfect veneer…i am actually wet. Btch Pls will definitely Rob U 4 these, dont let her catch that competition winner slipping…. ;) Watch Nash Money in action on another dope pair of sneakers for the mechanical masters at Audi right here.


‘shock’ dancer wins dance competition

I abhor this countrys media  why should i care that Lewis Hamiltons objectified human trophy (Nicole She’s-a-zinger-burger) just won some Tv show in AMerica, not only that what is the point of having a dancer compete against non dancers in a dancing competition, unless the dancer has no limbs its kind of an unfair advantage right? In closing is it such international news that a dancer won a dance competition? I dont think so now get off my telly!

Oh and while we’re on the subject of dancers, whoever gave that guy from Pineapple Studios airtime should be slapped for fuelling draconian tv stereo typing. He may be nice to animals, give to charity and be there for his friends however the brief 20secs of him i caught the other night was horrific!

Enter Shikari – Sorry your not a winner!

Rock the fook out people its the glorious weekend, 7 days since i broke my 9 month drought and 30 days til The Qemists Live begin our support slot on the Enter Shikari European tour. I think this song for the day is more than appropriate cause i am really sorry if your not a winner!

Peace n Love… The Jenna Ral G

Its a whole new world…..

Wow i can’t f**kin believe it, he won, he won! History just happened and i watched it!! OMG OMG this is the first thing that came to mind…i know its disney but its perfect, just like his speech, the campaign, the votes, the whole evening, THANK YOU AMERICA!!

Im a Gold winner baby!

I knew my GCSE french would serve more of a purpose than get me two coca colas at Euro Disney! This morning on my way to pain; live on Xfm M/cr I won a pair of tickets to see Goldfrapp simply by knowing which of 3 french words was actually food. Not really rocket science and not the most amazing prize considering I didn’t like their last album but I love a freebie :) Was weird being on other end of the line, haven’t entered a radio competition in years…it was role reversal this morning. For a second a sense of regret flashed through my mind, soon got pushed out by the freeness though, lmao, see you at Goldfrapp sunday night!!