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mucky halloween

wobble control

Twittered this video earlier in the week but the mp3 just landed in my inbox thanks to All Young Kings doing their promo ting! Mr Scruff as funky as ever and being played loudly in my car whilst driving windows open through Chorlton before i return it back to the rental shop! Wobble Control 12″ vinyl out now at the Ninja Shop

men and their music

Some people are impressed by a partners strength, wallet, fashion sense etc. I am a sucker for someones music collection and knowledge. Is it wrong to say that going back to a mans house that has those ikea box shelving units full to the brim with Vinyl actually makes me wet….dont worry it didnt if you had a girlfriend (ah ah ah BURN). I think its the fact that sexy times would always have an awesome soundtrack or at least they would if vinyl could magically turn itself over. Dont get it twisted ladies a DJ is not necessarily a music collector and weirdly enough some of them have no musical knowledge at all….just had to separate myself from them booth bitches as that is not what this is about. (more…)

the best disco vinyl artwork ever?

And i say that more of a challenge than as fact, dont know too much about the genre apart from Cerrone is a BADMAN and this artwork smacks it, its genius…naked on a fridge….dam the drugs must have been reet good back in the day! Now im sure lots of you out there could amaze me with your disco vinyl artwork knowledge…so go on then fools ;) !

Sunday snoozin music

vinyl sunday snoozin

Followed a link yesterday on DJ Tayos twitter feed (yes another twit related post!) recommending this song to Diplo. Whether your still awake and thinkg about coming down or getting up slowly this morning, this is definate sunday snoozin music…. (more…)

Jim Lambie

Carrying on from my favs from London Fashion Week i looked up Scottish artist Jim Lambie who was the inspiration to Matthew Williamsons’ very popular show and really liked what i found… (more…)

Isnt it funny when…..

…your strolling round north London with ya flat mate talking about the trials and tribulations of the one man you have in common and you stop randomly at a charity shop to dig through the 3 for £1 vinyl bin and pull out a 12″ featuring the guy in conversation!

3 for £1…Ooo thats got to hurt!

It must feel like a kick in the nuts having your music relegated to a charity shop vinyl bin…not so bad if it came out in the 70′s…i wonder if anyone has bought a track of mine from a charity shop for a bargin price (higher than free, you downloading pirates, lol!)…anyone??