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bored on valentines

Matters of the heart plus corporate enterprise equals sh*t tv so i spent most of the evening finally getting my SCS3 system to work (for all of half an hour) and had a little mix inspired by this swoon fest of a day, I then spent what was left of the evening trying to upload to Soundcloud (whilst writing, chat rouletting and  finding out what a looser some people can be, lol) Blogging while others are bonking…..dont say a word!


…can you feel me?

Old skool lovin…LOL

LMAO! This is so cruelly funny, forget the fact their all wearing black silk shirts and trilbys (will rnb ever change?)! Bobby puttin his back out is classic, remember that when your bumping n grinding tonight old skool valentine lovers!

Jenna Ration G thanks the (Source) for this one!