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When you can make out what shes saying, shes a bad gyal lyricist!

funny women

Catching up on  Jezebel last night the very well written ‘How to Make  A Rape Joke’ included an appropriate example from the rather funny Ever Mainard , who then led me on a very enjoyable youtube sidebar trail of female comedians old and new,  thought id share the ones that tickled me most :) (more…)

source 16 teaser ;)

Ah this is just brilliant! Short promo for Redlights Source 16 single out soon on Digital Soundboy!

whose bin lying?

“They should have captured Bin Laden alive and made him continually go through airport security for the rest of his life.”

Ok so even though this picture was took outside Asda in Hulme yesterday morning, Bin Laden is dead and swimming with the fishes and ok i suppose its a great day for those that said they were gonna catch him 10 years ago but people dancing on the streets at Ground Zero and in Washington is ridiculously misguided in my humble opinion. In fact its entirely insulting to think people whose families were torn apart by the horrific events of 7.11 and the ensuing wars in the middle east are now at peace due to one mans cloaked execution and burial at sea. Regardless whether he’s really dead or not, the US government have never proved that he was directly responsible nor have they investigated anyone else over 2001s’ mass murders on American soil. With no clear and solid evidence, with no open and fair trial of the accused is everyone really satisfied with this outcome?
The facebook backlash has been hilarious and as always on point (see above), the sad thing is if so many of us think and feel this way how can the powers that be still get away with it?

the swagger wagon

Oh god bless America, they really go to town on the whole advertising thing. I found this offering from the ‘Rollin in the Swagger Wagon‘ series by Toyota over on Crunk & Disorderly. ‘Straight owning bake sales, with my cupcake skills’ has to be one of my favourite lines as coincedently im baking today in my new apron. (see separate post )

my german YACHT trip

Loaded up my ipod with a lot of music last week in preparation for my time away from home, been listening to a varied selection as always but so far the mood of the week has been perfectly captured by YACHTs latest album See Mystery Lights. (more…)

Jazzanova ft Paul Randolph Live in M/cr

Jazzanova ft Paul Randoplh

Tonight im heading to the reopened Band of The Wall to have my ears caressed by the awesome sounds of Paul Randolph & Jazzanova. (more…)

You’re a Jerk!

New Boyz

New Boyz have been jerkin up a storm all summer witht their song You’re a Jerk, Westwood loves it…i however prefer this remix which is also my nieces favourite…. (more…)

Fake but funny

Long to the short Operation Repo is a show where a fictional repossession team from California re-enact the repossession of vehicles for finance companies. However if this were real ‘ooo!, Wooo!’ *grabs crotch* :) (more…)

Listening – Fannypack

Im in Reading, working with Engine-Earz on a vocal version of Kali Yuga, woop woop! Got up bright and early this morning to catch the train from Manchester which was lovely. I had a table, charged my phone, caught up on emails, twittered when i had signal and alighted the train at my destination cool, calm and collected…. That was until i walked past a rather portly young man who took it upon him self to claim very loudly that i had a huge camel toe! (the rest of this story was twittered and to painful to repeat!)
Cue song for the day and a trip to H&M to buy a long vest… LMAO its Cameltoe from the glorious but unfortunately no more Fannypack!

A classic scene in Lego

Browsing blogs pre-black presidency and found this by Gizmodo. A classic and a fun way to welcome in an ocean of change, better than that bloody prayer!! I hear every VIP is present in the crowd even Oprah Winfrey, genius. Thanks Marcus, check out his post for more pictures!!

Cereal Killer – Fruit Loops

Cereal in the UK is so boring i stopped eating it for breakfast and munchies a while back. Occasionally ill take in a box of Special K or Cookie Crunch if i can find em but its not something i crave in the morning (unlike my vanilla n hazelnut blend, gimmie coffee!) even the fun size boxes stolen from buffet breakfasts lost there thrill… (more…)