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whp 2012 lineup – im in!


Lily reckons ‘Everybody’s At It’

Speak for yourself young lady. The princess of UK pop, Lily Allen and the voice of a Jennaration is back with a new single from her second album. Tracks have already been up on her myspace but today we got the full first finished release. An interesting ditty ode to the fact that every body is apparently on it..i think she was or had been around the time of the vocal session…Nothing surprising really seeing as that is the way to sell records these days, plus she writes autobiographically so what else can be expected. For me its not as catchy as her old hits, but the press are calling it an album about integrity so its sure to go straight to the top of the charts for chrimbo, expect to hear it at all your offices do’s…cringing at thought of sly nose tap dance moves around the handbags! Please drop kick me if you see me dancing to this at any festive parties…in fact please drop kick me if you see me going to any parties that would play this.