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gettin festive…

Finally ;)

finally a reason to like Lauren

Finally a reason to like Lauren. Yes yes yes yes yes! Homewrecker is gonna get served up for Xmas dinner, purrfect! #fb

Brian Maupin is killing me

I simply cross-referenced your interests on Facebook, checked your favorite hobbies on MySpace, researched your work history on LinkedIn, read your personal diary on Xanga, and then broke into your house in the middle of the night and videotaped you and your wife making love.

LMFAO this is great, even better is the fact the guy who made them got suspended from his job at Best Buy only to be reinstated when his videos caught the eye of Paramount Pictures….obviously he didn’t go back to Best Buy!

perfect sunshine music


Twitter link yesterday from Nate Mars led me to this Mos Def mash up by Max Tannone. Perfect music for those lazy days of summer, which better bloody hurry up cause im freezing! Click the pic to download the full album gratis or click more to listen to the selection right here :)

i want to get high, so high….

Followed a link from LeeFC on Twitter this morning (ok, it was after noon) to find this dope little video from Toshiba…i wanna go to the desert and send something into space attached to a balloon today, now whose with me?

If you like it then you shoulda put a stick in it


This week on Twitter there has been some serious feminine appreciation, you could even say gyal crushing after becoming distantly aquainted with an LA based chica named Creation Cave after a very helpful tweet about fashion, we #ff’d each other and now im giving her some blog love for her brand new dopely titled Lovesicles blog all about her love for, you guessed it, popsicles. As the blog tagline reads: ‘If you like it  then you shoulda put a stick in it!’ need i say more? Read.bookmark.crush but remember i seen her first!

N3rm you smashed it!

Twittering before dipping in the pool in the very hot South America (yes im rubbing it in whilst your all under 9 ft of snow) and came across this Rage Against The Machine flavoured tweet from N3rm, to much jokes, Im saying YES!

Bilal Live @ CMJ – WOW!

Bilal @ CMJ by VTECH

Thank the lord for twitter seriously this little gem could have lay undiscovered for many a moons. Fortunately i follow Gaslamp Killer and he retweeted a link to Bilals amazing live performance of ‘Levels’ at CMJ last month. (more…)

Pure – Drug culture doc.

This popped up on my (yes you guessed it) twitter feed yesterday thanks to ScottyMaserati at Grandtheftvideo this morning i gave it a watch. Pure is a very frank documentary from the unique view of the users and pushers.  It covers the obvious areas of drug awareness and yet remains surprisingly un-patronizing, giving a well rounded discussion through the comments and selection of its subjects. I suggest taking a peak over your morning coffee…or whatever’s got you up so early :P (more…)

Sunday snoozin music

vinyl sunday snoozin

Followed a link yesterday on DJ Tayos twitter feed (yes another twit related post!) recommending this song to Diplo. Whether your still awake and thinkg about coming down or getting up slowly this morning, this is definate sunday snoozin music…. (more…)

Whats it all a bot?

If you dont know im on twitter quite a lot thanks to the handy IPhone app, where ever when ever whatever im twitting, with some exceptions :P Any ways a few times i’ve had my tweets repeated by automated Twitter accounts due to particular words used in my tweet, i believe they are called bots… (more…)

I_Skream flavoured tweets…

Science for Girls

If you follow Skream on Twitter (lets be honest who doesn’t?) you will have already seen this very cool website… (more…)

Talking Twitter = Audio Boo

audio boo

Got an Iphone, addicted to Twitter but getting bored of typing, then this little app is definately for you, still in its early stages but with bags of potential. AudioBoo allows you to record up to 3 mins of audio into your IPhone which then is published on line for the world to listen to! (more…)

Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads

Is Vice Magazine racist? Did Asher Roth mean to racially slur black people? Is America still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the whole black and white debate? Do you know who Asher Roth is? Is the guy in this video the same dude from Ask A Ninja? Is the fact that the editing in this video is exactly the same as Ask A Ninja the only reason im posting this? So many questions on such a lovely sunny (yet very windy) afternoon, this guy answers a few the rest are up to you…..

Dude i want that t-shirt!

Twitter is a wonderful thing. Confid3ntial tweeted link to The Daily FIXie where i found this…. *cue Veruca Salt voice* I want it NOW!!

Acting like a spoilt brat today @ Jenna Ration G :P

A Warm Superbowl Welcome for Twitty Milk

Whilst watching the Superbowl last night, Erykah Badus Tweets caught my eye majorly cause she was giving birth to hers and Jay Electronicas baby girl, Home birth with Twitter updates, Miss Badu you are the baddest i wouldn’t be surprised if you were freestyling during labour either, we need more like you! Congrats on your new bundle of joy and even better for the temporary name of Twitty Milk….awwwww

Twitter Blogging

Ok so bloggin has been non exsistent since i got to South America….the technically savy readers of this here blog have been signing up to Twitter via link on left to keep up with whats going with Danny and me outhere. If you havent already i suggest you do the same cause you missed us hanging with Rock God`s, stalking Madonna, house tastic dance offs, me by the pool and much much more! For photos if you know me check the book of fass, else keep and eye on the my Flickr site, link jus above Twitter on the right, ciao for now xox

Sanity from Profanity

Hanging out with the amazing Sammy B last night, i swear they broke the mould on this one. She always tells me what’s what when it comes to my Mac, the internet, design trends etc.  Sam put me on to myspace 2 whole years before the UK even took note, same with Facebook, Twitter and now….Cursebird lmao! I swear this little gem is a life saver! Now if your not aware of Twitter you’ll be baffled right now, so lets deal with that first. Twitter is like having a facebook status social networking tool, no pics, no events, no ‘are you sexy’ apps, just constantly updated status’s from people you know or don’t (your choice) on the move across the globe. You can follow other peoples Twitters, view friends etc and comment on what their up to. Honestly this ish is social networking crystal meth you just cant stop, as Lily Allen would say ‘Everybody will be at it’ sooner or later!…check out my Twittering in the side bar perfect for those stalkers (ehem Brian…) wanting to know my every move….moving on from Twitter there is a site of pure genius that feeds off all the Twitters containing swear words, Cursebird is a must for those early morning blues, have the window open on your desktop and feel a small piece of sanity from the constant updates of all types of profanity.

Twitteriffic twittering old boy!


Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos

Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos


I am absolutely hooked on the Twitterific App for Iphone & Ipod, i don’t know why but i am compelled to tell the world where i am and what i’m doing even if it looks a bit sad! Speaking of sad if you ain’t on Twitter then i think now is the time for you to go forth and tell them all what your doing…i know i wanna know! Personally the best thing about Twitter is you can sync it with a mobile phone to tex your updates where ever your at, however on the Iphone app you can go one better and take a picture to post with your twitters…..Isnt technology brilliant? If you do sign up make sure you follow me like the yellow brick road!