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girl talk – shopping!

Thanks so much to my tights twin Hannah from Oxford for posting this pic of us last night @ The Cellar, was lovely chatting with you and all the other friendly people in there :) The hot topic of conversation in the powder room was of course fashion and as promised people here are the links for the tee above by Married To The Mob and those Leopard Lips ;)

If i was a twin for a day…

Have you ever wanted an living breathing copy of yourself? Like a twin rather than an android…. Never thought about it? Neither had i really til this morning, me and Mark were talking about how handy it would be. For instance if you were a set of identical twins, you could have one job between you and take it in turns to go work there, making the week alot shorter and freeing up so much time. If you were in a twin and were semi talented you could go on to rule the media world, a la Olsens twins…we came up with a few other silly twin antics which are a little too derranged for a public forum however it did make me google famous twins… Did you know Elvis had a twin? Or that we all have a Google twin? Even weirder on a top ten list of famous twins in tenth place are the Bouvier sisters… Marge Simpsons fictional twin sisters. Their must be more famous twins than that…?