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more sande me thinks

So no Kate Bush, well no physical Bush just a primary school maths unit sculpture being constructed to a pretty horrific remix of running up that hill. Instead the closing ceremony organiser…dunno who he was he never directed any Oscar winning films…decided to put Emelie Sande on stage like 100 fucking times, love her dont get me wrong but i know i wasnt the only one going ‘Emelie again? Not Ms Dynamite, Pixie Lott (god Forbid), Adele (she was probably to expensive), Leona Lewis (hello shes international), Kate Nash (clutching at straws here) Jessie J?!? Oh no wait she was there singing how its not about the money dripping in a diamond flesh suit and riding around in a Bentley. Kudos to Annie Lennox on a Goth Pirate ship, The Spice Girls on Taxis, John Lennon & Freddie Mercury from the grave and very much so to George Michael i dont care what anyone says. Yeah the new single isnt his best and maybe should have been edited down into a verse, chorus, outro but over 23 million people in the UK alone heard it, thats some serious promotion. How anyone can have a go at him for trying to make a quick buck when the draconian Olympic Marketing restrictions (that banned the use of words such as ‘gold’ ‘summer’ and ‘games’) have prevented anyone but the official sponsors doing just that, is in my opinion kinda ridiculous. Leave the man alone, your only jealous cause he has kinky sex and still smokes pot…basically living the teenage dream, FREEDOM!

the piano has been drinking

Blog world today is alight with irrelevant news about Tom Waits & Heath Ledger. I totally would either one , but thats not what this blog is about. Lots of people posting the above video mentioning the fact that Toms 29yr old self may have been the inspiration from the late great Heath Ledgers Joker. I can see it kind of but really im just using it as an excuse to post my favourite song by Mr Waits… (more…)

happily bedridden

Words cannot describe how much i miss Michael Pitt on my small screen after steamrolling through Boardwalk Empire this week, cannot recommend enough. Now please Mr Walburg/Scorsese can you  get the second season running so Jimmy can hurry back now ya here :) Ugh i never wanted someone elses feet so much…..i guess to pass the time ill just have to watch everything he’s ever done since Hedwig…happily bedridden :)

enders vs corrie

For Northerners who appreciate good script writing.

For Regionalists that dont ;)

entertainment from the box of mind control

twd hospital

Ok TV is the devil i know this but my question is does it count when you watch it at your own leisure on the internet and not at scheduled times? Im saying no it doesnt and thats why im about to gush over 2 new programmes that defo deserve a mention. First up The Walking Dead, Zombie drama series set in the US but featuring UK actors, is that a tax break? Whatever im feeling it immensely, the Zombies are to my liking they fit the handbook rule of the walking dead, no intelligence and slightly slow on their feet but fantastically gruesome.

twd wife


Is there anything this man doesn’t do?


Its mid week Wednesday, so why not champion weird and wonderful, and think positivly! Lets do it all at the same time by watching the master of surrealism Salvidor Dali from the 50′s TV show   ‘Whats my line?’ I swear this cracks me up everytime, you see the panel have to ask yes or no questions to decipher what his profession is, however Dali can answer yes to nearly all of them,  ‘is there anything this man doesn’t do’?! So inspired by Mr Dali and some PMA from yesterdays social networking im going about the day with a big YES. Just dont ask to borrow any money ya spoil sports ;)

reason number 1

Im off to live in Berlin for two months at the end of summer. I have been threatening to move to Germany since a lying yellow belly put the thought into my loved up head last year….however i have many more actual reasons than that sorry tale, the above being reason number 1 – reality tv is way cooler in Germany!

im in a rock n roll band

Rock n Roll Band

Been loving BBC2′s series investigating what makes the perfect rock n roll band, managed to catch the Drummers episode last night was truely epic (Ginger Baker lol) and my favourite so far. Obviously they talk alot about John Bonham (he’s the drummers drummer innit) and so shows the Led Zeppelin concert at the O2 where his son played, ah i didn’t have a ticket but was outside trying to hear something, we didn’t lol. Oh and im now very jealous of anyone that got to see Motely Crue live…..dam who flys a drum kit out into the audience nowadays? Whole series so far is up on Iplayer, which is my new best friend….sad i know!

the swagger wagon

Oh god bless America, they really go to town on the whole advertising thing. I found this offering from the ‘Rollin in the Swagger Wagon‘ series by Toyota over on Crunk & Disorderly. ‘Straight owning bake sales, with my cupcake skills’ has to be one of my favourite lines as coincedently im baking today in my new apron. (see separate post )

woods on his knees

Oh my goodness, did you see this yet? Why oh why oh why did he do this publicly, is abject humiliation really necessary? Ok im all for an adulterer to be brought to their knees, just not that comfortable with the whole vibe of this 8min apology…the stares to cam before every mention of his wifes name, his first steps to recovery….did i miss something? (more…)

Fake but funny

Long to the short Operation Repo is a show where a fictional repossession team from California re-enact the repossession of vehicles for finance companies. However if this were real ‘ooo!, Wooo!’ *grabs crotch* :) (more…)

Watching Bailey on Ustream!

Free TV : Ustream
if ya don’t know Tuesday afternoons are spent round at Baileys house as he makes the final selection for the 1Xtra D&B show on Wednesdays! Check it out right here or go to Ustream and follow :P

International Log x Ren & Stimpy!


Remember Ren & Stimpy with its cool jazz intro, very adult off the wall scripts and totally bizarre storylines? Man that was some good tv, i hadn’t thought about that show in ages until today. Saw this video International Log and spat my coffee out laughing, so obviously went on a search for more… (more…)

Mum im on TV tomorrow!!

As March creeps up bringing with it the release of The Qemists single On The Run (23.03.09) the press machine goes into action. The track has already had alot of love from my former home 1Xtra, thanks to Mistajam with a bit more on the way next week. Tune in from 7pm Monday to find out more… Shouts to Coxy for also giving it a spin on Radio 1 whilst covering for Jo Wiley and props have to stay with the Beeb for tomorrows TV slot! The Qemists (interview and On The Run video) will be appearing on BBC 2 Sound with Annie Mac and Grimmy this Saturday @ 1.30pm, perfect hangover viewing…Now i know you’ve already seen the video, however like me you might be curious as to what their gonna say?

More madness from the Qemists rolling stone @ Jenna Ration G

Did you watch it??

Ok you can be forgiven if you didnt catch me & James King in the wee hours of Friday morning on BBC 2 for Blast Film Festival 2008, more so cause you can watch it online til the 5th of December right here!!

BBC2 Blast Film Festival

Been doing a bit of presenting for BBC Blast Film Festival alongside Radio 1′s film expert James King. Was a mad experience my first time having to switch cameras mid sentence…chat show host vibes lol!! It was such a fun day made all the more special by the lovely crew and amazing location…Dragons Den headquarters :) Watch the fruits of our labour combined with the fruits of yours this Friday morning on BBC 2 more info at end of post…. :)


Why can’t we have a nice quiet night in?

What is it with me nowadays? Whenever i have a female accomplice a quiet night in, in Manchester rolls raucously into the morning… Sundays plan of dressing up as Pirates and heading to the Alton Towers region fizzled out as we dragged our arses out of bed this evening at 5pm… I was looking forward to it too :) Instead i very much enjoyed chillin like villians on my sofas watching TV, even if i did have to sit through half hour of Desperate Housewives… God i hate that show, i don’t know why but it just lost its appeal after the first series…much like LOST…whatever happened in the end of that? Is it still going? I digress…the questions should be why must it always turn into a party? Am i just a party girl?  Is that a bad thing? Answers so far….i don’t know,  seems like it and it depends how you look at it and are defining the term in the previous question…ehem i suppose i should head off to bed now to be serenaded by bolas’ feminine snores :)

Blondie x The Muppet Show

Sio nuff again with some Youtube gems, she really needs to start posting to my blog. The only programme that would have me in a trance as a kid from the opening credits, The Muppet Show! Man i get such a goey feel good feeling when i hear the theme tune and recall all the characters and amazing A- list special guests. Jim Henson was a bad man of course Sesame Street kicked arse as well but The Muppets had an,they had Keith Moon styled drummers (Animal), fatal attraction females (Miss Piggy), grumpy old hater-ade drinkers (Statler & Waldorf) come on now, this is classic childrens entertainment. Best thing about this clip, well 2 best things about the above are 1) her lilac jumpsuit with sequined shoulders, i want 2) Muppets on backing vocals, that is an all time career high which im promptly adding to my life goal list…Perform at Madison Square Gardens, write and sing a Bond single, duet with Prince and have the Muppets on backing vocals during a tv special….sick!

Do you watch Channel M?

Where you even aware of Manchester’s very own tv station, broadcast internationally thanks to the powers of digital TV? I occasionally stumble on it, down in the big smoke…not so much since i lost the freeview box remote but hey! At home this week and im watching it religiously and wondering if im alone?

Channel M freeze