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not long til we meet again

Berlin my beautiful friend x (more…)

so many films so little time

Vampires suck

Over the past 2 weeks i have watched a considerable amount of films, travelling an all you kinda clock up the movie hours. To be honest i watch a lot of films in general when i cant sleep wont sleep much like last night or this morning or whenever it was i woke up and couldnt get back to sleep and found myself watching Vampires Suck, it being the only thing left on my hard drive i hadnt seen. For those that dont know its a parody of the Twilight films, maybe came out this year, i dont know, nor do i recall why its on my hard drive but any ways… (more…)

walkman vs hoover

Stuff vs Stuff ‘Walkman vs Hoover’ from Sumo Science on Vimeo.

To celebrate the end of not being able to hoover the house for a month, thank to my Dyson blowing up and having to wait for the insurance to kick it, i give you a brilliant Stuff vs Stuff battle from Sumo Science, WalkMAN vs Hoover (get it!?!). My carpet would also like to thank the Dyson man and his traveling mat for fixing my machine so fast!

Tour Diary Day 10 – Hamburg

HamburgNot in a good mood today, the ankle is pissing me off and the codeine has worn off severely, have made the decision to drink instead of drug the pain away thanks to yesterdays shenanigans! Slept in the cot for most of journey from Cologne, im thinking until im better its the only comfortable place to be in the van with my leg up!

Quite a mellow evening apart from my twitter apology from Rory for calling me a bitch and the gig in which we changed up the set a little and got another killer reaction from the crowd. Its mad fun playing for Shikari fans their well up for new music the merch is selling and everybody’s happy at the end of the night! I would have liked to go out and explore what this city had to offer but walking isnt the easiest right now and i have to be able to jump around for half an hour every evening onstage which means foot up whenever im off..HamburgCrowd @ Musichalle


Tour Diary – Brighton to Antwerp

Im soooo excited, couldn’t sleep this morning, but then what was the point. Pick up was at 4am and as soon as the splitter arrived I shot-gunned the back seat cot….well I was the only one who hadn’t slept!! (more…)

Dancing Matt

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I remember reading about this guy in the papers ages ago, he got famous by going round the world filming himself dancing a stupid jig…I never actually saw the video til now…I soooooooo want to do this…maybe not the silly dance but the different locations and same action!! Love the part in the demilitarized zone of Korea, there’s so many amazing moments and some beautiful scenery, definately worth a watch to put a smile on yer face!!

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