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boys and their toys

I still cant stop laughing at this video…the opening superimposing is genius and for just 85K you too could glide through the water like a shark in your very own Seabreacher. Lmao such a macho name ‘i wish to breach the sea, i need a Seabreacher!’ Boys and their toys eh? Still wouldn’t say no if someone offered me a go, would have to be the yellow one though so, as the Seabreachers number on fanĀ  put it, i could look like an aquatic banana.


Kosik Smokin Grenade

Still completely entertained by my birthday Grenade from Spaceant, HELLO YOU BLOW UP NOW!

You’re a Jerk!

New Boyz

New Boyz have been jerkin up a storm all summer witht their song You’re a Jerk, Westwood loves it…i however prefer this remix which is also my nieces favourite…. (more…)

Random shot!

Those that know me are aware of my obession with childrens toy guns, especially those you get on display whilst waiting in line at the post office (to mail my ebay sales not to, erm….anyways). Its rare i get to play with my cheap images of death so i like to document it…no animals were harmed in this shoot, honestly she loved it…sadist!

Lil Mo stick up