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winning strat£gy

Dont Tour That on MUZU

Don’t Tour That Episode 19 up on featuring one of Manchesters finest team Strategy from Broke n £nglish, ABSOLUTELY WRECKS IT IN THE SHADOWS OF OLD TRAFFORD, ‘i might go for the salad but hold the tomato!’ ‘eating emcees like carrot cakes, cause to me he sounds weak like Gareth Gates!’ as always relevant and random lines for days Strats, the flow is ridiculous!

I want this more than sex right now!

Seeing as i wont be having a man in my bed next weekend, as planned, i want to go to bed in a Hamburger. Lying in between fake folds of cheese and resting my head on pickle and tomato pillows has to be way more fun than twisting up white sheets and being sweated on (sigh). (more…)

The Bollywood Harry Potter!

 Hari Puttar a comedy of terrors…

Who ever thought of this is a f**king genius..the fact that Warner couldn’t even bring a court case against it is classic! Hari Puttar is the story of a young boy from India who moves to England and becomes involved in a plan to save the world….sound familiar? A high court didn’t seem to think so meaning this genius piece of Bollywood cinematic ripping is getting released in India at the end of the month…i’ll be ovguide-ing this v soon ;)