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Are you proud of where you’re from?

Spent a lovely afternoon with Ms Murphy at The Royal Court Theatre courtesy of of her family friend Jackie. Had no idea of what i was going to see, skimmed the website, there was black people in it…thats all we knew (so cultured!). I kind of like that no expectation vibe, not knowing a storyline or anyones career before you see a play/film whatever! I think it helps you concentrate more on the story etc. Of course it can be a hinderence e.g like when Sweeny Todd wasn’t marketed as an out an out Opera…with NO SPEAKING WHAT SO EVER…if i’d of known that theres no way i would have allowed my date to pay £20 each for us to fall asleep in the armchairs at the cinema, even if he could afford it…ehem, i digress!

Gone too far @ The Royal Court Theatre, London

Gone too far shocked the hell out of me. Its initial start seemed more high school than Sloane Square, awful mime, surreal dance sequences and over the top performances. However by the end of the piece i was very aware that this might just have been how the writer wanted me to perceive the story, as i had grown to care about the stereo typical portrayal of misguided youth, more so than i thought i would, a change of perception through art, genius! The mix of dance, cultural references, language, music and all around passion, for me made this production stand out from the crowd of theatre pieces that try to tell the story of inner city pressures and the conflict of identity in Britain but fail miserably.

If you get a chance go and check this out it runs at various venue in the old smoke til the 23rd of August, it’s a very powerful piece acted passionately and with great effect. If your not about in London before the end of the year (right on!), fingers crossed it will go on tour and you can get to see it in a town near you soon. Other wise why dont you just write your own, be inspired and get involved!

Thank you to cast and crew for a dope performance and of course to Jackie & Coco xx