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water out of air

So this made me smile today, little piece of engineering ingenuity that aims to make peoples lives better. My kids are going to this Uni…i obviously will have to emigrate to Peru and have kids before that happens but whatever they’re going there and while they change the world i’ll be supping Pisco Sours on a modest veranda somewhere.

Thanks to JOy for putting this in my FB feed today :)

aM Laboratory

Tonematrix still

Another thing to thank  Stereo P for this week besides the awesome new tee is the link to this fun online synthesiser by Andre Michelle, very much like the machine Little Boots uses on stage, only its free and doesn’t have her singing over it! (more…)

Twitteriffic twittering old boy!


Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos

Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos


I am absolutely hooked on the Twitterific App for Iphone & Ipod, i don’t know why but i am compelled to tell the world where i am and what i’m doing even if it looks a bit sad! Speaking of sad if you ain’t on Twitter then i think now is the time for you to go forth and tell them all what your doing…i know i wanna know! Personally the best thing about Twitter is you can sync it with a mobile phone to tex your updates where ever your at, however on the Iphone app you can go one better and take a picture to post with your twitters…..Isnt technology brilliant? If you do sign up make sure you follow me like the yellow brick road!