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Up and coming?


Don’t Hold Me Back

Since my departure from 1Xtra i havent had an oppourtunity to listen to all the fresh music i would usually get sent in the post by unsigned artists from across the UK. However those artists that know my email (its on myspace – HOLLA) have kept in touch when eva they have something fresh which i love and encourage ya’ll to keep on doing. So im without a show but with a blog and without genre limitations so i can play and support whoever i like. Step up V Double E repping for the ladies on the MIC and a Jenna G fan *blush* (she even has picture of me under influences on her myspace page), hailing from South East London this lady started mc’ing in 2005 to drum n bass and went on to a residency at Fizzy Wednesdays in London from 2006 onwards. Big tings have happened over the past 12 months including getting all the way to the semis on T4′s Musicool, performing at Oxjam, a tour of Israel and a new direction music wise. Vee always keeps in touch and sent me her brand new track a few weeks back, which is featured in this weeks 1Xtra’s Homegrown Podcast but just incase you aint into that podcast malarky have a listen to it up there! Up and coming? Well as hard as she works i think the only way is up for this lady!