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sex in my frontroom….

sex in 2 cities

Did that grab your attention? Perverts, read on to cleanse your soul….


Finally RWD says ‘enough already!’

Danny Walker i think me and you should go out drinking and bitching, it would be a scream and kinda scary as we read each others minds and finish each others sentences. T-Painitis had been grating my goat for a fair few months in fact im gonna be honest I HATE vocoded, auto-tuned,  Steven Hawking-esque vocals, there’s nothing amazing about making someone who cant sing sound even more unhuman and artificially in tune… Last year the technique spread like wildfire to the point you had whole albums laced with Johnny 5 warbles and it was called groundbreaking, blah! Sick and tired of defending my point of view in the 1Xtra office i left, tee hee only joking. Bombarded with tune after tune of auto-tuned vocals in the charts i stopped listening to the radio and getting public transport cause auto-tuned vocals are even more grating on a mobile phone. I was cast away on my little island of sanity in an ocean of crazy until i picked up this years first RWD with Tinchy ‘Why the?’ on the cover. On page 20 Mr Walker makes the population 2 on sanity island and declares “enough already with the vocoder”, YAY im no longer alone, hopefully now the masses will follow…..

Remembering a conversation from past few weeks with a dnb producer about using auto tune techniques on their next album….find out more as and when @ Jenna Ration G