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Oh thats who sings this song!

Miike Snow the uber group you definately have heard at some point this year or late last… Can’t remember where i heard this song first or if this was the version i heard. The chorus has bounced around my brain for ages but its only now im findin out that the super producer collab Miike Snow are behind it and a whole lot of other good ish too. Nothing but the best is to be expected from the team behind some of the biggest pop tracks of the past 10 years however their own sound ain’t a million miles away from the Brittany, Madonna & Kylie bangers they’ve created so could no doubt be as huge….

Id also like to make a note that im totally not over the look of the main singer ‘broody heroin vagabond chic’ dam guys that look like this, i am putty in ya artistically dirty hands :P

My European Christmas day….

So right over the other side of the earth and who do i end up spending my Christmas day with…non other than a lovely bunch of europeans and some random asians (thats not racist thats what they call people from Japan in OZ)…. In true style the Brit lad got drunk & rowdy and i had ot make an exit  but i had fun all in all getting to know how to say ‘ Cheers’ ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘f**k off’ in 4 different languages… it always comes in handy :)

Jenna Ration G on Tour