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sun & bass dj finalists :)

Congrats to the 6 DJ finalists heading over to Sun and Bass this year. Looking forward to lounging with the lucky loosers drowning their sorrows to all the sets in the glamourous surroundings of Bal Harbour, roll on the Sardinian spirit measures ;)

sunny sunday sounds

Whilst everyone else its appears is in Croatia right now im consoling myself with this mix from the very talented Mr Ruckspin, got my beach towel out in the back yard and a cocktail or two on hand. Eyes closed they’ll be no difference #yeahright! Shouts to all festival massive enjoying the sun and sounds right now, salute to the summer or at least a sporadic sunny manchester day :)

never coming home – atomique ft jenna g

Yeah so happy with how this lil session from over a year ago has turned out, big thank you to the Atomique crew for getting me to do this, long time no see y’all. EP sounds fresh and ready for the sunny season glad to be a part of it :)  Cover styles by the one and only Gina DrewesDisco Bird of Paradise‘ hot in my short set hoody, miss you sis danke xx If you’ve not got summer on your mind you soon will but be prepared, released exclusively on Beatport May 14th your ‘Never Coming Home’…

zombie apocalypse, new zealand

Excited isnt the word, i cant think of a word to describe how this flyer makes me feel. New Zealand its been a long time coming and Zombies, dont even get me started! I still cant believe im going NZ, i honestly hope i meet an islander fall in love and never come back! lol

my plane song

Im back in the UK after a truely inspiring tour around South America which i think just might be my favorite continent. Obviously it was hot over there, t-shirts vest and shorts my main day wear for the past 10 days….hot as well were the men, oh if only i’d dipped my biscuit in the wonder of it all. How fitting then that this song came on my ipod en route home and stayed there on loop whilst i snoozed sandwiched between  Russian holiday makers on an Air France flight back to winter….

baby im yours

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane) – HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo.

OOooo the sun is shining and happy soul clappy future boogie songs are on my itunes! Breakbot – Baby Im Yours (ft Irfane) on Ed Banger Records, im luvin it, luvin it, luvin it im luvin like a garage MC loves Greek holiday resorts! Especially the process on the vocals, i cant even put into words how satisfying it is to my ears! Release info and links below!


the soul of a woman was created below

Hot sun and Led Zeppelin playing loud, any 22 year old pretty boys fancy coming round to casually cihll with their tops off, being the cherry on top of what so far is a perfect cake shaped day? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha;)

No substitute for teenage mums….

Im reading the Sun whilst the Shifters are comping my vocals. As usual im scouring the paper for all the smaller stories filling the gaps on the more jumbled pages. Some classics as always, i think today this is my favourite.

‘Devons Torbay Care trust are on blast after giving out six inch plastic willies to teenage mums, they were handed out as gifts during a sex education workshop. Kevin Neal, father of 15 year old mum Kezzi, said ‘We consider this extremely offensive’
Would they rather their daughters were given the real thing, isn’t that what got them in that ‘Chlamydia discussion group‘ in the first place?
I find it extremely offensive that i work my ass off everyday, have used contraception and common sense since becoming sexually active and yet i will never be given a free dildo or get a tax break for not having a child before i was mentally or financially capable?
I say free six inch plastic willies for all girls, from the age of 11 in inner city areas, masturbation is liberation from a benefit state!

Breathe in, aaaaaaaaa. Calm!

Gay with a sense of humour

Alot of chat about Derren Browns amazing mind control techniques going on in the studio today…so much so i purchased a book about NLP….anyways talk soon turned to his sexuality, lol.

I said ‘i bet he gets nuff p***y’

Prash said ‘nah he’s gay’

Kabir said ‘he’s gay!! nah i dont believe it’

Google said…. ‘One of the UK’s best-known mentalists has spoken to The Sun newspaper about his sexual orientation. Under the headline “I’m A Mind Bender” Derren Brown revealed he has a boyfriend. He first confirmed he was gay in an article for the Independent on Sunday in 2007.’

Im a mind bender….LMAO!!