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oddbins vs the olympics

This has to be the funniest thing ive heard so far in the lead up to the games, Oddbins are launching a ‘marketing counter strike’ aimed at the draconian and quite absurdly harsh Olympic Branding laws which has stopped businesses in the capital and across the nation that aren’t official sponsors profiting from the games, banning the use of words such as “gold”, “Games”, “2012″, “summer” and “London” in any of their promotions. Ridiculous right? So Oddbins is offering a massive 30% discount to any of their customers who kit themselves out in branding rivals to the LOCOG main sponsors. Turn up in a pair of Nike trainers, with a set of Vauxhall car keys, an RBS MasterCard, an iPhone, a bill from British Gas and a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC and you will receive 30 per cent off your purchase! (source)

whose bin lying?

“They should have captured Bin Laden alive and made him continually go through airport security for the rest of his life.”

Ok so even though this picture was took outside Asda in Hulme yesterday morning, Bin Laden is dead and swimming with the fishes and ok i suppose its a great day for those that said they were gonna catch him 10 years ago but people dancing on the streets at Ground Zero and in Washington is ridiculously misguided in my humble opinion. In fact its entirely insulting to think people whose families were torn apart by the horrific events of 7.11 and the ensuing wars in the middle east are now at peace due to one mans cloaked execution and burial at sea. Regardless whether he’s really dead or not, the US government have never proved that he was directly responsible nor have they investigated anyone else over 2001s’ mass murders on American soil. With no clear and solid evidence, with no open and fair trial of the accused is everyone really satisfied with this outcome?
The facebook backlash has been hilarious and as always on point (see above), the sad thing is if so many of us think and feel this way how can the powers that be still get away with it?

idris vs cotton

Never really watch TV when im at home, im a believer the box is a form of mind control and was much better back in the day, so i try to keep my box habits to a minimum. I wasnt always this way however  since curbing my TV habit i find now that when i sit and idly watch it for too long it makes me ridiculously angry, the adverts talk to me at times like im stupid and theres only a handful of presenters that anyone wants to use that all fit the generic social demographics. Having been down at my sisters for the bank holiday in total relax mode i slipped last night and began channel surfing after Enders (my only one TV weakness) to find something to pass the time until BBC’s new drama Luther (come on Idris Elba how could i say no to that!) and found myself watching Fearne Cotton interviewing Peaches Geldof on ITV2…..i think they were repeating it or something as im sure this series aired ages ago and i purposely missed it, however in holiday mode and in a positive frame of mind i decided to see what all the fuss was about. (more…)

not rubbish just STUPID ;)

Finally a DOPE video for the ever banging Stupid from Redlight featuring Roses Gabor , vocal doesn’t make me wet but her stance in the video is ridicuolusly cool and its such a heavy track i don’t care and im diggin the UV theme Redlights carried into this video, finally a vision bigger than one single in this uk dance market! Out on Digital Soundboy very soon but i already got the instrumental…hmm me feels a bootleg vocal coming on ;)

epic footballer FAIL!

I cant even acronym how much im laughing right now. I just wish i had of recorded last night. First time in a while that i’ve been approached in a club by a guy and just my f**king luck that it was a footballer. His opening line ‘Im from London i play football, im in Manchester for the weekend and there’s no brownings...’ BROWNINGS!! lmfao are we in high school? did he actually say that! Not the end of it by far i think in the space of 10minutes he told me he was a footballer over 30 times….unfortunately he apparently plays/played for City…IM A UNITED FAN, double FAIL BRO! Of course not being a bitch i entertained him for a few drinks and then he started stepping in my space dirty dancing style…TRIPLE FAIL…after politely telling him to take his hands off me..ladies you know what came next…’Oh yous a fiesty one i like that!‘ QUADRUPLE FAIL! Im not feisty i have self respect i.e. this is my body you cant touch it with your potential rapist hands even if you are buying us all champagne which we never asked for but you think will impress us and by the way tasted like crap thanks to his incompetent pouring of the delicate fizz! The nails were already firmly hammered in the coffin at the get go however he decided to chain it shut and throw it into the ocean attached to Audi sized lumps of concrete with the question…’so do you like white guys, black guys, asians? Cause i love the brownings….‘ FAIL TO THE POWER OF 5 i told him i like Mongolians, they really get me off…he replied, i shit you not with ‘what you’ve slept with a disabled person..your a freak!‘ F**K ME SIDEWAYS how can you be that f**king stupid!? The crowning moment of the evening though was when he told me and the girl crew to google him (yawn) the first thing that pops up is a wikipedia entry about him blackmailing another footballer over a sex tape  that he made! Pure class and evidently perfect material for the England squad….natch.

Where you at? Im at the Pizza hut….

DAs Racist

Im at the Pizza hut, im at the Taco Bell – Im at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell….i wish. Why do they not have Taco Bell in the UK i could murder 2 crunchy tacos, a bean burrito and some cinnamon twists right now, Dam this song is making me hungry. (more…)