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acoustic addiction via

Out Now is the 80′s homage from Krystal Klear and myself Addiction on Rinse, i popped into the label HQ in East London last week to record a live version for their Rinse Sessions. Helping me out with the acoustic backing was EngineEarz/Arusha Accord guitarist Tom Hollings and JLS newest band member Jack Guppy who did an excellent job had really fun day thanks to them, Julie and the drive time crew. See how it all went down above :)

ya get backpack banged!

RoXXan Birminghams back pak banger has me kinda hooked with this video, ‘every summer do you fly out, work on ya chest and hire a bike out, draw gyal and take pics when the lights out then put em on the net til the hypes out!’ ooooo yes lady please dont change!

Ode to Antwerp ;P

Antwerp Rampage

Soo much fun last week, have already said thank you a thousand times on various social networks to everyone responsible but i couldn’t help but say again with this… A little slice of the weekend in Belgium made with nuttin but luv ;) Bet your all dead nervous what i got on camera…:P (more…)

Hello Belguim :)

RAMPAGE @ Trix, Antwerp

Im off to the continent for the weekend for a couple of gigs in Belguim thanks to Murdock and crew ! Tonight im in the very lovely Antwerp @ Trix (details above) and tomorrow (more…)

In the studio down under – The Dreamkatchers

2 & fro

Managed to do some work over here, in between sunbathing, drinking and eyeing up the locals. Got in the studio with Aussie hip-hop duo The Dreamkatchers who have some dope music out with more on the way. I sung a little hook and ting n ting for a track of theirs in the making called ‘Fast and Slow’, was a really fun afternoon hanging in the burbs of Melbourne, drinking stubbys, eating Golden Gaytimes, lemon pasta and making the most of my husky voice….if you haven’t heard of The Dreamkatchers before, well you soon will check out the self made uber cool video above and fall in love with the smooth like chocolate vocal skills of these two ex models…..yeah i know it was a hard session ;)

Jenna G x Top Nine Bboys



Yesterday i was hanging with the Bboy World ChampionsTop Nine‘ all the way from Russia courtesy of BBC Blast ‘Behind the Scenes’. They were in London to perform their brand new show Accents, at Riverside Studios this evening. Wow, this show is amazing, its tells the history of music through dance, break dancing and b-boying to be precise. Chatting with the lads before and after their performance it was obvious how much passion they have for what they do, regardless of not being able to speak english very well the interviews were really engaging and taught me a hell of a lot interms of technique…i can lead anyone down the verbal path to create specific content for a show, however trying to do this without english as a common language was a challenge…Plus sides…the accent was sex in audio, seriously i think i need to marry a Russian :) I digress the crew are mad talented, having choreographed, scored and managed the whole fabulous performance themselves, taking influences from areas very much outside of the Bboying genre. My only criticism was that it was way too short, i could have watched them dance all night. Shouts to the Behind the Scenes crew, make-up master Mayu and of course the whole Top Nine crew….Fly Boy Robin (should have been fine boy!), Kosto (number one b-boy), Wolt (what a body), Komar (Skinnymans Russian double), Flying Buddah (12 packed shorty), Simpson (natural blonde), Rezky (in spirit) and Tony Rock (the mouth). Thanks for a dope day and the lil peace of Russia you brought with ya…didn’t they hear what happened to Ghostface LOL!!! Looking forward to getting my drink on amongst other thing with em next time im in St Petersburg! Watch out for the Behind the Scenes with Top Nine on BBC Blast website in the new year!

Inspiration for this weeks session….

Come and holla if your in the Reading endz, back in the studio with Catch 22 this is the weeks inspiration….

I can’t wait to see what we got at the end of the week ;)

Sneaky peak at some new stuff!


Nothings concrete but foundations are being laid, heres a little sample of whats coming up next…leave a comment let me know if your feeling it! Peace :)

I made a video!!

Still haven’t posted about my departure from 1xtra, no particular reason, theres not alot to say…in the meantime i thought i’d mess around with iMovie and express some feeling through the medium of a video, i love Apple ;) But am having very different feelings about Vimeo which i cannot get to work on here….so in the mean time, please follow the link to my last day on 1Xtra.Twas much fun making, hope you enjoy watching! :)

One Night Stand…

 Precious Moments

In the studio today with Shy…haven’t written a full dnb song for a while infact we discovered WE hadn’t written together for just under 2 years!! 2 Years i can’t get over how quickly that time has passed. Was good to get back into it and im quite happy with the results as was Mr FX!! Bumped into Chase & Status filming their new video with Plan B also met B-Traits for the first time….it was a South Bank DnB allstar experience! New track will be on Shy’s album due for completion end of the year……they’ll be a sneaky peak on here before that though so keep it locked!

To misery from glee in 12secs…

Sat in Catch 22 studios and Prash tells me, amid a million others things, that Cheech and Chong are making another movie! Yay ;) Stoner heaven, 2 legendary pot heads back on the big screen reminding us its fine to be a pensioner an blaze the herb!! Ganja for all, no sand, no twigs just good old fashioned THC, where do i book my ticket? 2secs, Rejoice did i, 4secs, gaily ran me to my mucky mac and googled new+movie+cheech+chong+2008, 6secs later….

How do you like them apples the whole first page of google did not reveal it to be true, no new film, just new t-shirts (which i ordered *blush*) and a new US comedy tour….booo! Am i to just forget about the whole thing? Page 2 of google had some crappy story from back in 2003 that they were thinking about doing a new movie…am i to believe if this is tru that a) they havent pulled there fingers out and made it yet and b) that the news has only just got to Reading!

Please can someone make another stoner movie, a brand new one with totally hilarious but sexy men…that stoner model Adrienne from ANTM cycle could be in it for the lads, Matthew Mconaughey for us ladies, or just me…the market is crying out for it. I am telling you How High, Half baked they are the most recent right? Oh wait Grandmas Boy, that was slighty stonerish, classic dealer! Have i missed something? Any suggestions that are crap will not be taken on board…no part timers here thank you :) Can someone also please stop hating on Reading and tell it things a little sooner, cause that just ain’t right.

In keeping with the green nature of this rant i am so high this post has took me ages and contains many a fun link, please explore them all!


The philosophy of the 2 ducks and the dead squirrel

Flying…metaphorically…home from the studio this morning ;) i pulled out of the garage, where i had stopped to get some milk and was very amused by the sight of 2 ducks wandering across the main road from the park. They were taking their time looking for a way back down to the stream that runs under the road but they were blocked by a brick bridge and alot of hedging.
I pulled away from the scene with a smile on me face and was greeted 100 yards up the road by a dead squirrel…just lying in the far lane, neck all twisted and bloody bits every where.
Instantly the ducks plight came to mind and i hoped they wouldn’t take to long fussing over a clear way back to the stream, cause as the squirrel found out it can be over in an instant….