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Crooks & Castle x Stereo Panda – Too Hot!!

Stereo P x Crooks & Castles

OMG I beg you Lionel hook a gurl up :P this jacket is monochrome magnificence, yes i maybe should stop dressing like a boy and coveting clothes i dont need but when theres jackets as phat as this out there how can i possibly not WANT!! (more…)

Thank you Panda :P

Steve Aoki portrait

Stereo P blogged Steve Aokis first solo single today which features ‘Zuphr Black‘¬† (ehem, Will I AM….anyone anyone?) today reigniting an old flame. Thank you Panda for the Tee’s, style, frenchness and now for reintroducing me to my baby daddy. (more…)

aM Laboratory

Tonematrix still

Another thing to thank¬† Stereo P for this week besides the awesome new tee is the link to this fun online synthesiser by Andre Michelle, very much like the machine Little Boots uses on stage, only its free and doesn’t have her singing over it! (more…)

Dour Festival 2009

Dour - Wristband (more…)

Thank you Stereo P x

Stereo Panda Goodies!

Got my limited edition MJ tribute Tee from Stereo Panda today, it rocks more than i imagined. The thick black velvet-esque feel trouser section is the sh*t and makes me feel so disco! (more…)

Stereo Panda x Micheal Jackson Tee!

The King of Pop is well and truely dead and whilst his family scrabble over his estate and children the rest of us mere mortals are left to grieve in more civil ways… Twittering Tributes, RIP MJ Facebook status’s, Blipping fav MJ tunes, attending the Apollo ‘Grieve In’ or getting all creative and cashing in on such and untimely demise are just some of the ways we have been coping! (more…)

Watching…. Stereo Panda Advert!

Stereo Panda Blaxploitation promo video from Stereo Panda on Vimeo.

Can those Pandas get any cooler? Obviously their french which is more than the half of it but then they make all those dope tee prints and preppy street wears, in bold bright colours and patterns, exclusive and limited edition artist designed shirts… Answergin my own question, yes they just got way cooler (how the fuck does this happen!) thanks to their Spring/Summer range promo’d in this wicked video from Tenas and featuring music from the Funktastics….Hey you there on the video look very familiar, what was your name again… lol!

Listening to… The Panda Tape Vol 7

Saw this go up last night on the Stereo Panda blog, their mixtapes always bring the heat in a french stylee ;) Listening right now, Printer Jam (Mistabishi) is LARGE, jus got a pull up, Kenna Say Goodbye 2 Love got me hip wigglin even with a sore tattoo, wait is this the guy from Chromeo? Sick! Anyways nuff tunes, from the dudes with nuff talent and the bad boy designs.

Listen here… here

Or download it for free and check out tracklisting at Stereo Panda!

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