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I love Amsterdam and don’t like you

The Blues...


Readin the newspaper leads to drugs

Salvia, the hallucinogenic herb and relative of the sage family, has been recognized for its LSD-like properties for many years. It is only recently, though, that it has gained mass recognition in the press and, perhaps critical to its own demise, lawmakers and politicians across the US. Despite this apparently widespread knowledge of Salvia, it is misunderstood by many of those who would like to see it banned. –

I only just found out about this Salvia thing atfer a flick through a broad sheet the other day, seems like its the new stocking filler for those who like to expand their minds over christmas time. I don’t know about that but i do know about Youtube‘ing it for endless hours of fun watching people’s wrists go limp, laugh uncontrollably as their minds go west, much like the one above….”why you cool man!” lmao!!