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Guess Who – Day 3

blog no pic post!

Big shout out to Peter who took the first public guess yesterday as to who Jennaration G’s new blogger is gonna be…unfortunately you were wrong about Lady Gaga, so maybe todays fashion focussed words from the horses mouth (so to speak, its not Mr Ed)¬† will help you some more…. (more…)

I’ll stuff that f**king thing down your throat!! – Watch more free videos

Sunday, browsing the blogs i’ve missed in the week found this courtesy of whatchagunnado.¬†LMAO then feel ridiculously guilty for laughing and scared like i’ve jinxed myself…would just die if someone did this too me, spiders are soooooooo not my thing! My reaction would have been alot like the woman who throws her bag at the wall and the too elder ladies who scream like b**ches!

Music to eat spiders to…