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tease me tease me tease me baby!

Ha ha its going off to night in Brighton for the 90′s massive, Chaka Demus and Pliers are at Concorde and me and my sister have been practicing our bogle all week for the front row! I cant believe some people have never heard this song before…for everyone else may the weekend begin with this dancehall (pop) classic ribbed for the wickedest ride ;)

make more men like this…

El De Barge seriously the right amount of cheese! Listening to lots of fun 80′s party tracks for inspiration while writing my ass of this week cannot stop contemporary jazz stepping to this…you’ll hear all very soon :P

baby im yours

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane) – HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo.

OOooo the sun is shining and happy soul clappy future boogie songs are on my itunes! Breakbot – Baby Im Yours (ft Irfane) on Ed Banger Records, im luvin it, luvin it, luvin it im luvin like a garage MC loves Greek holiday resorts! Especially the process on the vocals, i cant even put into words how satisfying it is to my ears! Release info and links below!


coming home to you

Caught Hoodman last night at Moho Live why isnt this fella on my tv?? Truely awesome talent who i do not see or hear enough of…remember first hearing in this tune from UK Team and Konny Kon (Broke n £nglish ) when i had my show on 1Xtra. The manny accent and free flowing story line made me home sick as hell living in London. Even though it wasn’t packed in Moho last night (shame on to many people  for a number of different reasons) the vibe was live and everyone who grabbed the mic smashed it big shouts to Siege, Hoodman, Mr Fox & Freestyle for a proper hip-hop evening :P

my little obsession

Onra plain and simple i cant stop listening to any and everything i can get my hands on from this little sample shuffling master, might be late on him but does it really matter? Find his past offerings on his myspace but go now and buy the brand new album Long Distance now on itunes with the highly dope High Hopes ft Reggie B, rewinding this tune to death on my iphone fighting urge to two step down the street!

i get around

I haven’t heard this song in ages, takes me back to 2007 and the spring of Siobhan on my sofa! Heres to the weekend and your mojos! :)

red, gold & green

Ok i think i choose a favourite from The Wiz it has to be this jazz fused, colour spectacular absolute genius of a song section with an awesome visual sequence, The Emerald City..dam there being no good videos of this up on Youtube…your gonna have to go watch the film for this songs full audio/visual impact!

the soul of a woman was created below

Hot sun and Led Zeppelin playing loud, any 22 year old pretty boys fancy coming round to casually cihll with their tops off, being the cherry on top of what so far is a perfect cake shaped day? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha;)

shaved head originator!

Song for the day and finally the end of 2 years of trying to remember the name of the first woman in pop to shave the sides of her head a la last years hard to die trend…im not even getting into why thats important, just know that it is. Heard this on 6Music yesterday and couldn’t help but jump around to it whilst in the shower, sounds dangerous but it was actually in a very safe 80′s montage kind of way, here’s Bow Wow Wow with I want Candy, yay now bring on the weekend!

‘terror illustrates my era’

My 90′s hip-hop vibes from last week in back in full effect yo! Been routing through my tape selection and found Murder Was the Case. FALL BACK ANY RAPPERS OF TODAY YOU’D STILL GET MURKED! Remember when the film came out sneaking the film into my friend Sarahs house, and watching it in her parents room whilst they partied downstairs, lol. This and ‘Come up to my Room’ ft my fav Jodeci member Devante are my top two from the album….sidetracking now im going gooey googling pictures of Devante, schwing!

Any way im feeling ridiculously hype listening to this Ice Cube /Dr Dre classic right now, whilst nervously laughing at the top comment on youtube…

I killed a man listening to this song…..

Yikes! ‘I dont wanna die, i dont wanna, i dont wannnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa die-i–i-i’

my 90′s style icon

In my recreational haze of a memory i always thought my short hairstyle circa 1996 was inspired by the infamous T-Boyz from TLC however recent discoveries in my tape box (Born Gangsta) and on youtube have rejogged that memory…i can now confirm that my sweet 16 style icon was in fact Boss. A milli, a milli, a militant rapper, whose name stood for Bitch On Some Shit, clad head to toe in black (of course) and looking like a tru G, i so need to get a tape player, this album is RIDICULOUS! Check out ‘i dont give a f**k’ for the most swearing in a chorus i think ever, for now this is Deeper!

i’ll make stew out of you!

So last night one of my oldest friends dropped round whilst Lords of the Underground were playing in the background, cue a 3 hour Youtube fest of all the tracks we used to bang insanely back in the day. Soooooooo many artists i forgot and soooooo many tracks that still KILL IT! So let us begin i got STFD for days on the 90′s tip! Raw Breed – Rabbit Stew, what you know bout this? (more…)

STFD what am i fighting for? – unklejam

UNkleJam ;P

Itunes shuffle i adore you Caron Wheeler style for bringing back the UnkleJam. Hadn’t forgotten bout them just not heard any of their songs for ages, forgot how fun they were, wish i could post ‘Loving You’ cause that was my jam (get it!) but this one was perfect for my Wednes-day!


SFTD worst comes to worst – dilated peoples

In honour of my sisters Jared Leto lookalike 20 year old boyfriend (who is quite obsessed with hip-hop) but dedicated to all the people that come first in my life. Classic track from the Dilated Peoples, hope enjoy.

Have a nice day ya’ll ;)

STFD peoples potential – floating points

Need a morning song, you know one of those tracks that you cant help but nod your head to eventually waking your self up to the point where you stretch up and press rewind to hear that build up one more time as you make your way into the bathroom for the morning scrub ;) This would be one of those, out some time very soon on Eglo.


SFTD private life – grace jones

Can she be knighted or made a Dame or something, obsessing over her right now and not managing to catch her live anywhere :( Playing it loud and proud anywhere and everywhere i roam this bank holiday, this track just keeps on getting rewinds pon de headphones!

STFD splash – subfocus ft coco

This tune from the Talented Mr Ripley aka Subfocus was a classic without a vocal but i absolutely love how Coco has turned this dance floor smasher into a hard core indie pop tune. I only wish the serious looking dude in the video was Nick, he would have smashed that role, making a very credible artist/producer appearance, Mr Ripley the camera loves you and i hope to see you in your own video soon ;)

SFTD april showers – dru hill

Such an awesome album from way back when Sisqo hadn’t become obsessed with that thong (just golden i mean april showers…). Quite appropriate for the weather in Manchester this week, whilst the rest of the UK basks in sunshine, bitches!

SFTD mighty girl – can

Haven’t done this in a while, so back in full effect its the Song For The Day! Get your piano power rangers capes on for Can – Mighty Girl a song i’ve been waking up to this every morning this week, its been an instrumental mantra which ladies (and gents if your man enough) you can have to, lol enjoy!

I Get So High…..

Toni Braxton

There are many reasons that might explain why this song has been in my head since the weekend the fumes from my fire,  the bottle of Appletons, my dwindling stock of Jennarous Cheese, a certain someone, finding a picture of me and Miss Halelovic …..anyhoo  2 mornings i’ve woken up with this song in my head….. (more…)

Enter Shikari – Antwerpen

Probably the best themed song for the day so far. Yes we are in Antwerp and about to kick off our two weeks on the Enter Shikari support. So please enjoy the new single from the headliners taken from their brand new album Common Dreads, this is ‘Antwerpen‘ which if you like you can download for free at their website!!

Engine-Earz Lucky By Design

I am obsessed with this tune! Serious Shahid is a bad man on the vocal flex, he fit the original vocal so well over this live track. I’ve listened to it so much i swear i can sing along with all the right words…. (more…)

Speech Debelle

What a perfect song and an even more perfect artist to find on such a perfect day. Fresh out of London town Speech Debelle is turning the sunset in my back garden into a rustic faraway scene. Honest lyrics i can understand, flows like water…natural and confident, enjoy as i am right now the song for the day Searching, avaliable on Itunes.