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a pimp to far

Hmmmmmm female prostitution, obviously a Hollywood worthy storyline (Pretty Woman, hello!) however i dont think this is gonna have quite the same impact….Danny Dyer switches it up again to play a west end uber pimp (god the reach of this mans talent is unbelievable) in the imaginatively entitled PIMP!

The Wackness is all good!

 The Wackness out 29th August

Just got back from a screening (at the very rude Soho House) of this film out the end of the month and im in love with Josh Peck. Had a vague idea that this film was about the NYC hip-hop scene in the 90′s due to the poster and an even vague-er press release attached…and was wrong. Had absolutely no idea who Josh Peck was before but rightfully fell in love with his perfect portrayl of Lucas Shapiro, Luke for short, a weed dealer who doesn’t rap unless its along to his walkman. Thats right people we’re talking cassettes, Illamatic, pagers not mobiles, Notorious B.I.G & Tupac being friends, Kurt Cobain killing himself, 40 O’s, the words dope/mad luv, a whole heap of weed and loads more good stuff from the year critics call the greatest in hip-hop…1994, oh and a dam good film.

Superbly written by Jon Levine inspiring amazing performances from Ben Kingsley as the best shrink ever and Josh Peck as my ideal geek, but not so much Method Man, who should have left the Jer-may-can accent at the door. Its got a very nostalgic soundtrack for those in the 18-35 bracket that you cant help but sing along to, this instant cult classic is exactly what i was crying out for in one my previous posts. It might not be an out an out comedy homage to the green but its a beautiful film with marijuana and hip-hop connecting the characters (alongside unsual friendships and life sucking) and i can’t wait to see it again when its released. Theres some absolute classic lines that had us cringing and laughing out loud, a great contrast to the bleaker moments we have to watch these characters deal with. Think American Beauty or Garden State meets Juno or just go and watch it and appreciate the goodness of The Wackness. Sent me on a great trip down memory lane..94 a big year, for me anyways ;)