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What a little moonlight will do….

Billie Holiday singing our song…

Jenna Ration G

Why can’t we have a nice quiet night in?

What is it with me nowadays? Whenever i have a female accomplice a quiet night in, in Manchester rolls raucously into the morning… Sundays plan of dressing up as Pirates and heading to the Alton Towers region fizzled out as we dragged our arses out of bed this evening at 5pm… I was looking forward to it too :) Instead i very much enjoyed chillin like villians on my sofas watching TV, even if i did have to sit through half hour of Desperate Housewives… God i hate that show, i don’t know why but it just lost its appeal after the first series…much like LOST…whatever happened in the end of that? Is it still going? I digress…the questions should be why must it always turn into a party? Am i just a party girl?  Is that a bad thing? Answers so far….i don’t know,  seems like it and it depends how you look at it and are defining the term in the previous question…ehem i suppose i should head off to bed now to be serenaded by bolas’ feminine snores :)