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smile promo out now

My Sambuca and Lemonade drinking afro hair Reading spar James Blackstar John set this years WMC in Miami buzzing with his track Smile forthcoming on Whasdat Music . Just got an email telling me the promos out now!! YAY FUCKING FINALLY, get over to traxsource to purchase an awesome summer seducer, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Deon (Deaco, swoon!), sample it below :)

Sigur Ros Free CD!

Im not the maddest fan but i saw this email advert and just fell in love with the picture, the angle is so off key it makes me smile :) Definately gonna pick up a copy of the Independant tomorrow and check out theĀ  best of their 3 albums on a free CD, then stick the cover somewhere ill see it everyday :)