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cant sleep wont sleep

Ok lying in bed wide awake at 4 in the morning for the umpteenth time, i have decided to blog myself to sleep seeing as the 2 prescribed sleeping tablets have done NOTHING except make me yawn but what in the hell to say apart from ‘I WANNA GO TO SLEEP’. How can it be that i feel tired, am yawning my eyes hurt to have them open and yet lying for 3 hours in the dark has not sent me to dreamland. I’ve counted sheep (983), deep breathed, tried meditation techniques blah blah blah blah IM STILL AWAKE! Now im thinking about Freddy Kruger, not entirely sure how he popped into my head but im aware it is not going to help with the whole falling asleep thing…..its sooooo annoying cause im not even anxious or worrying about anything so why the hell wont my brain just let me fall asleep. Could my sleeping pills have been spiked with caffeine? Are they in fact not sleeping pills and just a….dam whats that word….you know the one they call the drug in a drug trial which isnt actually a drug? I dunno but anyway you get my point….is there a disease thats the opposite of narcolepsy? if so i think its a fair to say i most definitely have it! If theres not im offering myself up for research, please someone help me get to sleep!

Totally obsessed with this chorus!

Enter SHikari

This past weekend it seemed the drunker i got the more i couldn’t stop myself screaming out the chorus to the latest Enter Shikari single. (more…)

Muh Muh Monday Mixtape – Robot Koch

Did i completely not do a Monday Mixtape last week? C’est terribles well hopefully todays find will make up for it. Robot Koch first of all has the best name. (more…)