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Hip Hop Video Classic’s

Am up late watchin MTV Base Takeover of all things…its like Yo MTV Raps without the cool ID’s in between the videos.
Their playing some pretty dope tracks, alot of 90′s classic. I even got on down with my bad self to Arrested Development…the two arm African skank…you know the one!

Anyways its crazy the stuff they got away with back in the day in terms of visuals…theres no way you could make a video nowadays with full body bags, desert eagles, working bongs or whatever else you might fancy, that actually would get played on the popular music channels!

Mostly this is due to heavy censorship, thanks to all us hip hop fans running round selling crack, gang banging and gatting people. We spoiled it for todays street poets who now have to bargin with video commissioners and music execs on if they can be smoking on camera, let alone brandish a steel baseball bat during every chorus in a ominous beat down shot…however it didn’t mean a thing but a chicken wing back in the day.

OH NO thats the word

Today on the show Mz Bratz from the Aftershock camp chose So Solids debut album They Dont Know as a classic. Im not saying anything…i actually agree with her, vaguely…i mean you cant deny they smacked the arse out of the charts from 2001-2002 with formerly underground tracks or the fact that some of them are still making money today in successfull careers (although not all in music) and their was no denying the 2 finger skank when playing Haterz & Oh No during the show…Ms Dynamite is ill on the Envy!!
However the skanking soon stopped when a tex came in saying i should spear head a So Solid Revival….REALLY!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY…im the person you thought of for that job?!!! 21 SECS 2008……Please god no….i mean, no offence to any of them its just…all that bling bling lyrical culture was so monotonous and in a way killed the scene….raves getting shut down, violence, people getting banged up doing nonsense cause they think they have to have an Audi TT parked in front of their council gaff….in short what im saying is maybe i shouldn’t spear head the return of So Solid but erm thanks for thinking of me…now back to the 2 finger skank…