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carnival urban nerds style!

Urban Nerds Carnival Special

Wow is the end of summer so nigh? It must be if carnival is rolling round next weekend! So many parties, so many DJ’s, so many acts but where to go, who to see and what to spend ya hard earned cash money on? Well heres a little sweetner from the Urban Nerd boys in preparation for their big Carnival knees up in that infamous warehouse out East, that might just swing the almighty decision in their favour! Trouble and Bass boys Supra1 have put together a SICK mix ahead of their set at the Urban Nerds vs Bigger than Barry Carnival Special, its free to download in just about every format so click the tracklist after the jump to get your digital mitts on it and get ready people for the ultimate Carnival warm up next Saturday the 28th August @ The Hewitt ST Car Park, Urban Nerd style ;) For tickets link click on Back of Flyer with the ridiculous line up….. (more…)

Art @ Streetfest

SF ART Dont believe

Watching the artists at work on Saturday to a background of skateboards clacking and dope music was mesmerizing… (more…)

Saturday at Streetfest

Streetfest 03.10.09

So thanks to Nicks heads up and conveniently being in the London area over the weekend i popped along to Streetfest in Shoreditch on Saturday with my niece to cheer on my house mate and fellow blogger Nick Faldo in his modeling debut for Second Son(more…)



Tomorrow in the urban surroundings of Hearn Street Car Park, 7-11 Hearn St, off Curtain Rd, London, EC2A 3LS give us the third installment of Streetfest giving you the best in fashion, art, music & skating. what more could you ask for on a Saturday afternoon?! (more…)

Spotted! Urban Nerds @ Glastonbury

urban nerds @ glasto

I dont know if they were playing at Glastonbury but they were definately there…was fun to see their logo whilst hiking the old rail road…Nice positioning too on the side of the toilets on the way up to The Park. Catch them at (more…)

My kicks on display!

Im in love!

Eager Shoreditch beaver…

OMG I am officially the first in the queue for today exclusive release…. Feel a bit sad as I arrived hour and half before shop opens and theres no one else here….Except shop worker Irene. Shame first time queuing up for sneakers so i didn’t want to miss out, shame will melt away once I’ve got those beauties in my hand :)

BFM @ Richmix – Shoreditch

Got invited to take part in a Q&A discussing issues raised in Chris Rocks new film, I Think I Love My Wife, at the 1st Black Film Makers event in London. It was fun, the film, the panel, justifying respect in a relationship to a male comedian, who was also part of the panel, which turned into a X vs Y debate! Maybe not the best idea after a recent heinous experience of infidelity in a relationship, my opinions bordered on bitter lesbian but it sure made for some good viewing!

Shouts to all BFM family for a great night and all in attendance for a even better vibe, see you at the next one..oh wait its Adulthood, i’ve already seen it!