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‘shock’ dancer wins dance competition

I abhor this countrys media¬† why should i care that Lewis Hamiltons objectified human trophy (Nicole She’s-a-zinger-burger) just won some Tv show in AMerica, not only that what is the point of having a dancer compete against non dancers in a dancing competition, unless the dancer has no limbs its kind of an unfair advantage right? In closing is it such international news that a dancer won a dance competition? I dont think so now get off my telly!

Oh and while we’re on the subject of dancers, whoever gave that guy from Pineapple Studios airtime should be slapped for fuelling draconian tv stereo typing. He may be nice to animals, give to charity and be there for his friends however the brief 20secs of him i caught the other night was horrific!

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! – Faith La Rocque

Warning This scared me a little...

Warning the picture in this post may shock and disturb you slighty…it certainly did me. If i were a kid i would get nightmares from the following image so maybe don’t open if there’s an impressionable mind in the room that can see the screen. (more…)

I’ll stuff that f**king thing down your throat!! – Watch more free videos

Sunday, browsing the blogs i’ve missed in the week found this courtesy of whatchagunnado.¬†LMAO then feel ridiculously guilty for laughing and scared like i’ve jinxed myself…would just die if someone did this too me, spiders are soooooooo not my thing! My reaction would have been alot like the woman who throws her bag at the wall and the too elder ladies who scream like b**ches!