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5yr old sings Folsom Prison Blues!

Wesley Sings Folsom Prison Blues

Meeting new people means seeing new things, the past weekend i definately did alot of the first and today catching up with them all im doin the latter. The fabulous Sera, from Shibuyas Rock Bar posted a lovely video about le weekend featuring 5yr old Wesley singing the Hokey Pokey, adorable…however i then found a host of mini guitar player videos which included little Wesley on guitar singing the Folsom Prison Blues! (more…)

Tokyo Snaps – Monday

Hotel View in Tokyo

We’re staying in Shibuya right on top of the train station and the infamous scramble crossing which i can see from my bedroom….sick! Is amazing how no one except the foreigners bump into each other while crossing ;)

Making the most with my Iphone camera @ Jenna Ration G