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obsessed with porn

Thats right this week it seems i cant get away from the topic of porn. Yesterday i tweeted Archie Blands suggestion of ethical porn sites today its porn sex vs real sex :)

shuddertastic :)

So ladies did Santa bring you everything you wanted for xmas? Or are you currently trawling the sales still searching for a little piece of material happiness? Why brave the cold high streets instead cut the queues and jump straight to the smiles with the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane, the best xmas present of the year (thanks to Krista @ Babeland). Find out why this travel friendly water proof piece of equipment is a must have, just watch my review above, then let curiosity lead you to where you can purchase your own and so much more during their festive sale! Yay, im going back to bed ;)

hickies on your thigh-e-ighaigh!

Blues in the kitchen continues sister just drew a smasher! Horace Brown get nasty now, chatting me up at 14…anyways thats a  different post. No wonder our Mum was worried about us this is absolute filth ;) Im drawing for H -Town next!

kraak, smaak & sex education….

This is how that birds and bees talk should run!

justify my love

Madonna justify

Early morning dream…


going all girly

Ok im gonna put it out there i am in no way sick of them and PLAINLY EXCITED about the SATC 2 movie out NEXT WEEK. Oh lord i hate a good story that ends but thankfully the HBO gods know what i want…i really do wanna know what happens after you say i do (cringing at myself for quoting the trailer!). Now question is do i go all out girl next week and dress up to go watch it at the cinema with Cosmos pre flick??…ha ha OF COURSE i do any excuse for a mixed drink!

wikipedia confirms blue balls

Im not happy with this at all, i read in Just17 (the 1990′s teenage bible) that it was fictional, you know something a guy said to you to make you think not having sex with him is gonna cause him physical pain…which (even though i haven’t had first hand experience of that line in a while) still sounds f**king stupid! However after it came up in conversation tonight and i (not having any balls, physically of course) still refused to believe that Just17 got it wrong all those years ago Google was consulted which is when i found the horrifying  Wikipedia entry. I still cant believe its true but even Cosmo online has written an article on it, their opening line ‘Blue balls are not just a figment of a male’s imagination or a lame excuse to try and get you in the sack…’ – shut up Cosmo your supposed to be on my side!

My suspicion of this Wikipedia entry (regardless of the numerous other sites detailing this symptom without the slang vernacular) is still there thanks to the small paragraph at the bottom detailing the female equivalent of Blue Balls, which can be known as Blue Walls, Blue Box or Blue Curtains amongst other things…. LMFAO you have got to be kidding me?!?! Blue curtains  a real medical term and i haven’t heard it, i know some of the foulest mouthed people how can this be! Which leads me to my next question, so many ladies must have experienced Blue Curtains for them to coin a term for it, so just who out there has been left with a Blue Box? No disrespect to any fellas out there but ‘clit teaser’ is not a common used phrase for a reason, i never heard ‘No – Wait – Stop’ coming from a bloke…ha ha!

Guess Who? Day 2

7 Questions

OK so more clues as to who the new blogger will be thanks to their readiness to answer the above questions that i stole (unbeknown to them) from a website about Respect & Sex(more…)

Crying after sex….

Girl talk over ichat and we’re on a very serious topic, crying after or during the horizontal hokey pokey. (more…)

Eric Wareheim x Flying Lotus

Yesterdays post of the Major Lazer video lead me on to this amazing director, checking out his work on Vimeo and found some awesome stuff including this tripped out video for Parisian Goldfish by Flying Lotus. (more…)

L’Amour Vache

Tough Love

Honestly i don’t even know how i came to be watching this. Seemingly innocent at first and then it quickly descends into HUH? (more…)