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found online

Obscene finger gestures from such a pristine gurl – Thanks to Harmony for finding this very flattering shot from Hoya Hoyas Secret Sessions, easy Josh for ya sneaky blogging at Fuck n Filthy.


Kosik Smokin Grenade

Still completely entertained by my birthday Grenade from Spaceant, HELLO YOU BLOW UP NOW!

Best dnb remix or bootleg ever?

Ok so what in your humble opinion is the best dnb version of a non dnb tune….just got a load of really dope tracks from a crew whose name i cannot mention, including a Shirley Bassey floor stomper and some Original Pirate Material…..but what is the best ever ever and are there any out there that i have missed?

Check out your suggestions so far on my mixtape at alongside those that are currently pleasing my ears….

Jenna Gs’ Muxtape