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ode to the spider

Somewhere in my frontroom is a monster, its present location is currently unknown. This unsettles me somewhat, having met if face to face only once i cannot be to sure of its exact type or species but one thing is for sure, its big and i dont like it. Sitting here on the couch half asleep i swear its somewhere watching me with its beady little eyes *skin crawling*. Fight the fear i must, be at one with the beast and so a dedication, to take this creepy crawly feeling away, ode to the eight legged invader.

a scary childhood…

This mysterious stranger¬† comes from a cartoon back in my childhood that i had successfully blocked out til now, totally dark and utterly fantastic i was reminded of The Adventures of Mark Twain when browsing whilst bed bound with whiplash. I tell ya they do not make kids programmes like they used to, this clip is proof to that…. (more…)