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…can you feel me?

Song FT Day – Mama Cass

Since i been away in Japan i haven’t been smoking that much green…in fact for the first time in like 6 years i’ve not had any for a total of 5 days. Shock horror, i know but im not feeling to bad from it at all nor am i craving it as much as i was before i headed east. One thing i’ve noticed apart from being ridiculously grumpy on occasions (sorry Sam!) is that im dreaming again. Glorious technicolour dreams filled with people i’ve just met and others who i haven’t seen in years. Thoughts i’ve not had in ages are saturating my sleeping hours, regurgitating places and feelings i’d completely forgotten or just found.
Last nights dream was a mix of old and new, set to the backdrop of a film starring the two Coreys, Dream a little Dream. When i awoke this song with the same name echoed in my ears…I wonder if he dreamed a little dream of me too?

Jenna Ration G

A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

One of the popular choices last week on Vimeo, this short film by Ted Chung got me all choked up with its totally romantic storyline. Shot beautifully in black & white with no dialogue this picture (apart from making me miss my digital camera, hurry up fixer man!!) definately speaks a Thousand Words.

Play on – Effortlessly

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ – W. Shakespeare

Me and Zed came up with this a while back as part of a biasonic experiment. Classified – Rated PG, songs inspired by movies never made! As the summer slowly slips by, the sun causing chaos in our hearts and loins, i thought this particular track would be an appropriate soundtrack to those blissful musings over that lifeguard with the ponytail and the shell necklace…
Inspired by those American teen beach/holiday type movies, where coming of age through the highs and lows of love is the only moral and the locals are way fitter and deeper than the dorks at home (cause they surf waves not the net, innit!). Sunday afternoon tv ahoy!