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shes 13 but…

A good song is a good song, still wont find me dancing to it pon a floor near you on this side of 2011 but im far more comfortable with nodding along to this video than the original….no offence to the spawn of Pinkett Smith im just a little overloaded by you lot this year ;)

Mariah makes an ugly dude…kinda!

mariah as man

Browsing Crunk & Disorderly which i havent’t done in ages and i came across these pictures of Mariah dressed as a dude for her new video ‘Obsessed’. Had to share as her insane smile in both get-ups is completely freaking me out and im alone late at night in my house….who does she think shes fooling with a mirkin on her chin?! I’d also like to point out the whole dressed up as a dude thing is a follow fashion tactic for Miss Carey, who as per usual has got it all wrong. Did she not see Ciara and Beyonce dress like a man, dont look like one!