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20/20 three

You’d think that with only 20 songs to pick and 20mins of mixing to be done i could knock these 20/20 selections together weekly, however you’d be wrong. My time keeping for personal projects as of late is abysmal and so it seems for now 20/20 is a monthly thing, this month im feeling all girly and so my mix will be just that…of the female persuasion.

Enjoy x

hickies on your thigh-e-ighaigh!

Blues in the kitchen continues sister just drew a smasher! Horace Brown get nasty now, chatting me up at 14…anyways thats a  different post. No wonder our Mum was worried about us this is absolute filth ;) Im drawing for H -Town next!

‘talk, so serious’

Baby i dont know what i should do.

You sure make me feel like loving you…

sex in my frontroom….

sex in 2 cities

Did that grab your attention? Perverts, read on to cleanse your soul….


its a womans world

Woman made man so man come and thank ya gurl! Ooooo girlies in under age raves gonna be getting hype to this one. Not my cup of tea at all but im really feeling Selah on this track and in the video, shes looks ridiculously cute and in control and even though Sadie & Ms Bratt bring it, no one messes with the hook or Selahs verses. Davinche smacking it standardly on the production making this a pretty tight UK offering! Brapples, now im waiting for my thank you ;)

SFTD april showers – dru hill

Such an awesome album from way back when Sisqo hadn’t become obsessed with that thong (just golden i mean april showers…). Quite appropriate for the weather in Manchester this week, whilst the rest of the UK basks in sunshine, bitches!

this weekend in manchester!

Work It Flyer

Work It absolutely smashed it last summer when it journeyed up the M1 from Visions Videos in London to The Deaf Institute in Manchester for some retro 90′s partying. Perfect timing then that the girls and crew are back in town a week after my birthday  as it means i can hijack the event as a belated birthday party in my hometown! Will be doing a quick DJ set of my favourite tracks from the decade i lost my virginity in…so come down preferably in harem pants and bandage dresses for Part 2 of Work It – Manchester

‘F love!’ says Rhianna…

Not to long ago the RnB couple of the year hit the headlines due some in car domestic violence en route to the Grammys, finally we get to hear about the horrific event from Rhianna herself. (more…)

I Get So High…..

Toni Braxton

There are many reasons that might explain why this song has been in my head since the weekend the fumes from my fire,  the bottle of Appletons, my dwindling stock of Jennarous Cheese, a certain someone, finding a picture of me and Miss Halelovic …..anyhoo  2 mornings i’ve woken up with this song in my head….. (more…)

Work It Tonight – I remember…

Living the dream!

What girl honestly didnt want to be Faith in the 90′s? Biggie & Tupac dam girl you lived the dream! (more…)

Work It @ Deaf Institute Tomorrow!

Work it @ Deaf Institute 25th July


Old skool lovin…LOL

LMAO! This is so cruelly funny, forget the fact their all wearing black silk shirts and trilbys (will rnb ever change?)! Bobby puttin his back out is classic, remember that when your bumping n grinding tonight old skool valentine lovers!

Jenna Ration G thanks the (Source) for this one!

Jodeci….what happened?!?

Now i’ve heard the bad things that crack can do to the best of people.  Amy Winehouse bleeding from her satin ballet shoes outside 5 star hotels, Bobby Brown teasing poo out of his wife Whitneys arse, James Brown lifting up a police car?!? Oh no wait that was PCP any hoo, the latest stars to fall between the crack are K-ci & Jojo from Jodeci….ok they have been on crack for a while but this video deserves a little talk up and that was it! So now please watch in awe as this cracked out duo take to the stage for one of their biggest hits….

BRUV, NO……K-Ci your COLD, you just left him there, your brother….even bodyguards more concerned about the mic….god i dunno who to blame more for this shameful display. Crack, the audience for paying them or the promoter for organising the whole swarry and agreeing to crack on the rider!  I just hope and pray they dont get groupies in this state…like i dont even want to that shit can you imagine The Show, The After-Party, The cracked out hotel room orgy?!? Let this be a lesson to all young upstarts out there in the RnB game, Ray J, Llyod im talking to you… Find a wife and find her fast cause eventually the good p***y runs out, you’ll get older and a bit bitter hit the crack pipe and start straight passin out in the middle of your shows…then think of the calibre of p***y you gon get…ewwwwwwwwww!