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gimmie all of you

Where does he find the time ? Riz MC with a twisted love song.

high fidelity spoof (genius tour advert)

Dan le Sac, Scroobius Pip, Riz MC and Nick Frost all in this wonderful High Fidelity Spoof (if you havent seen that film, why are your reading this blog…go now), the wonders of a great idea executed to perfection….could there be an English version in the making…i’d watch it and im not really a Scroob fan, if you are though tour kicks off in October, dates in the film above.

Riz is Dead Set on sonnets


Couple of weeks back the Tru Tiger crew were in Manchester, joining them was Riz MC, whose out to party again 2moro at Hit n Run after supporting Wiley in Liverpool…he’s a busy man indeed, spent all last week on the TV in E4′s Dead Set, which i missed but am gonna catch up on this evening right here! Anyways in between running from Zombies and bouncing scouse crowds with heavy tracks like the one above, he now is also writing sonnets…we had a drunken little chat about lyric writing and i suggested giving it a go, bumped into him at Yoyo’s on Thursday where he told me he’s on it and already completed 1!! Dam im highly influencial on the liquor…be wary people ;)