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all things come in threes

Just week or so back i blogged about two actors that had passed away, in passing on a twitter comment the phrase all things come in 3′s was mentioned and sure enough a few days later, another classic went to sleep. RIP Rue McClanahan aka Blanche from the Golden Girls :( thanks for Dirty Synergy for letting me know…..heres to the youngest golden girl in heaven x



Not a good week for old skool american actors. First Gary Coleman & then Dennis Hopper . Two legends with very different hollywood stories one leaves behind an epic filmography the other an epic catchphrase but both to me are equally unforgettable. Hope their resting in peace up in Hollywood heaven!

RIP to the mc with mass appeal

Waking up to hear a Hip-Hop legend has passed, RIP GURU x (more…)


OMG really?  Everyones dropping like flies in Hollywood must be something in the water….wait a minute doesn’t everyone drink bottle water over there? Its a conspiracy! OK enough of the jokes one of my all time biggest heartthrobs from being a teenager was found dead of an overdose this morning in his LA home :( (more…)

rip mcqueen

Apart from the foul smelling perfume and Ms Paltrows Oscar dress this guy was a genius, so surprised to hear the he’s passed away. Thank the lord he went after designing the number one shoe off my hit list (above, duh) i mean ehem he will be sorely missed X

paid in pounds not in dollars

One of the UKs original rappers & DJs Derek B aka Derek Bowland passed away this weekend no imitation this fella was the real macoy. RIP to the Bad Young Brother x