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working backwards

Berlin Dollars ;)

Where do i begin? Its been nearly a month since i last checked in and theres so much to post, i guess the only way is to work backwards. So im in Berlin, i’ve been here for about 5 weeks gigging around Germany. Ulm, Wurzburg, Braunschweig, Berlin every gig has been immense, have to give thanks to all that got me to their home towns and looked after me so well :) Monday night just gone i DJ’d at Stereo 54 here in Berlin it was scary as hell but if i remember correctly the dance floor was moving, busy plus the awesome bar staff kept me well liquored up afterwards all gratis, so i guess i did ok! Big Shouts to Thomas & Tom for letting me spin some of my favourite tunes was very fun indeed once i got over my nerves and got used to using vinyl (serato style) again, thanks to Oscar for the helping hand! Thought i’d say thank you as well to everyone who came down by letting off this little mix that i did for FrontRoom radio early this year, my chats a bit dated, dont mind the ‘exclusive’ talk the music is still all good :)


The best sunday lunch?

OMG i dunno if it’s cause i was starvin like Marvin and they gave us extra yorkshire puddings but i honestly think i have just had the best sunday lunch ever! It wasnt  an easy task finding a pub after 7pm in Brighton that serves a roast on Sunday, the best ones have usually sold out and the others finish serving at 3pm (what self respecting raver is up and eating before 3pm on a Sunday?). However by some stroke of genius we ended up at The Coach House on Middle Street, the perfect haven from the blustering seafront wind & rain combo, with a round open fire, a single nut roast and a vegan option for the non Roast Beef eaters :) It was so good i proposed to the chef, by way of the very lovely waiter who promptly told me he was moving to Oz at the end of the month…i think he was lying and it was a blatent cock block! The red cabbage was the bomb and the Yorkshire Puddings were better than my mums but dont tell her that, mmmmmmm the texture, perfectly crunchy round the edges and soft n fluffly elsewhere!! I implore you to visit this place if your in Brighton on a Sunday and in desperate need of a good old roast, cause by my taste buds they do serve the best sunday roast i’ve had in a long time!