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Great Expectations

I remember once being told by a lover that i expect to much from people, i mix up my view of them with who they actually are. I remember thinking how ludicrous this statement was, how could i not expect the best from the people in my life and just be happy with them the way they are… Now im thinking he was right, dam it, dam me and dam my great expectations!

Saying goodbye.

Today i said goodbye to 2 people very close to me. One i’d known for a while and together we ruled the world. The other i had only just got to know but i feel they would have given me the same amazing experience. The two of them never met but were so alike in teaching me so much about myself, i just wish i could have kept them in my life longer so that in turn they could have discovered the same amazing things about them selves.

Its hard to say goodbye, especially when you feel its not right but sometimes its the only way to move on. Only had to do this once before in my life and it hasn’t got any easier. As a woman the sacrifices i make will continue til i die, their justification is my independence…

Classic scene – Mikey phone call

So in The Wackness my crush makes some grave first love mistakes on his girls answer machine when she spurns him. Acted so well by Mr Peck it was quite unbearable to watch, you felt so sorry for him, heart broken and having been the nicest of guys, at the same time you just wanted him to shut up and put down the phone cause he sounded like an idiot…it reminded me of this classic scene from Swingers.

STOP CALLING HER BACK!! 6 YEAR RELATIONSHIP? LMAO, WHEN TAPE RUNS OUT…PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Have i ever done this? Dam wait lemme think, definately not on an answer machine…oh gosh maybe i’ve wiped it from my memory…this really feels like something i could have done in the past…maybe thats why i find it so amusing…its nervous laughter!

Yes Dad i am listening!

Love him, my Dad…you know he doesn’t say much but when he does it often has profound effect.
check this one out, i believe he’s quoting Kalil Gibrans’, The Prophet.

“No human relation gives one possession in another…every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship and in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone.”

thats it really, so simple in black and white isnt it?