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sex in a canoe?

I have to give my Lady Lina ultimate props for this post as it was her good self that put me onto David Sedaris. Back in Berlin during one of our many sessions she lent me his book Holidays on Ice which had me laughing out loud on public transport, simply genius observations perfect for the festive season! As soon as i had finished i wanted more and headed to the nearest book shop to get my fix,  ’When your engulfed in flames‘ was even better than the first and again i LOL’d my ass off all over South America usually at 36,000 ft. (more…)

smile promo out now

My Sambuca and Lemonade drinking afro hair Reading spar James Blackstar John set this years WMC in Miami buzzing with his track Smile forthcoming on Whasdat Music . Just got an email telling me the promos out now!! YAY FUCKING FINALLY, get over to traxsource to purchase an awesome summer seducer, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Deon (Deaco, swoon!), sample it below :)

good mahnin

02 Good Mahnin by Jenna G & Catch 22

download the revolution for free

Engine-earz always on the grind, loads from this awesome production outfit on its way in 2010, 20th March ill be in Bristol performing with them as part of a truely ma-hussive line up! If you ain’t a fan already then check out this video for the track Faction which you can also download for free here and join the revolution…..

Chipmunk @ Reading Festival

Chipmunk @ Reading

After dropping my trousers in front of him whilst changing backstage in Leeds my weekend went all Chipmunk-y… (more…)

Qemists @ Reading Festival

Qemists @ Reading from WiseLemon on Youtube

Thanks to Wise Lemon on Youtube for this little sample of Qemists @ Reading Festival 2009… (more…)

Thank you Stereo P x

Stereo Panda Goodies!

Got my limited edition MJ tribute Tee from Stereo Panda today, it rocks more than i imagined. The thick black velvet-esque feel trouser section is the sh*t and makes me feel so disco! (more…)

Karma @ Sakura, Reading tomorrow night

Sakura reading flyer july

The gigs go on this week kicking off tomorrow night at Sakura in Reading. Karma will be even bigger than the last time. I’ll be there , will you?

Listening – Fannypack

Im in Reading, working with Engine-Earz on a vocal version of Kali Yuga, woop woop! Got up bright and early this morning to catch the train from Manchester which was lovely. I had a table, charged my phone, caught up on emails, twittered when i had signal and alighted the train at my destination cool, calm and collected…. That was until i walked past a rather portly young man who took it upon him self to claim very loudly that i had a huge camel toe! (the rest of this story was twittered and to painful to repeat!)
Cue song for the day and a trip to H&M to buy a long vest… LMAO its Cameltoe from the glorious but unfortunately no more Fannypack!

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

Sams holiday read is ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘.
How true so much of it is…

On Soul Mates

I think the reason its so hard for me to get over this guy is cause i believed he was my soulmate

He probably was, your problem is you don’t understand what that word means. People think your soul mate is the perfect fit and that’s what everyone wants but a true soulmate is a mirror.
The person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, the person that brings to you your own attention so you can change your life. A true soulmate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet cause they tear down your walls and smack you awake but to live with a soul mate forever, nah its too painful.
Soulmates they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you and then they leave and thank god for it, your problem is you just cant let this one go! Its over, his purpose was to shake you up, tear apart your ego show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light could get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you had to transform your life then introduce you to your spiritual master and beat it!

Too true Betty Boo! Jenna Ration G

Jenna Ration G TV

Jenna Ration G – Writing Sessions Nov 08 from Jenna G on Vimeo.

Working backwards here after finally catching up with my video making. Its been a mad few months and i haven’t been posting as much footage as i have wanted to. Got all inspired though after the South America effort so here is another episode of Jenna Ration G featuring brand new music made with love at Catch 22 studios in Reading, hope you enjoy as much as we do ;)

Inspiration for this weeks session….

Come and holla if your in the Reading endz, back in the studio with Catch 22 this is the weeks inspiration….

I can’t wait to see what we got at the end of the week ;)

Sneaky peak at some new stuff!


Nothings concrete but foundations are being laid, heres a little sample of whats coming up next…leave a comment let me know if your feeling it! Peace :)

Up, down and side to side.

What a week. Its been my final one in London and the first back in Manchester, however i’ll be spending it in Reading! Huh? I kind of like being all over the place but its just so tiring doing all the travelling. In London last night and this morning dropping off the hire van, stayed in my old flat which looks amazing without all my shit in it, lmao! I have way to much stuff…back in Manchester my 2 bedroom house is overflowing with sh*t mostly clothes and electrical goods but its still shit! Oh to have space, lovely hidden storage and space…..I need to sell everything, jumble/car boot sale…but im never around on a Sunday. Anyways not thinking about my hermits lair back in Manchester its over to Reading for a week’s session with Prash aka Catch 22, yay. Goodbye old smoke, hello the land of Uggo’s and then the land of blue jeans…im in Moscow at the weekend Wooo HOoo.

To misery from glee in 12secs…

Sat in Catch 22 studios and Prash tells me, amid a million others things, that Cheech and Chong are making another movie! Yay ;) Stoner heaven, 2 legendary pot heads back on the big screen reminding us its fine to be a pensioner an blaze the herb!! Ganja for all, no sand, no twigs just good old fashioned THC, where do i book my ticket? 2secs, Rejoice did i, 4secs, gaily ran me to my mucky mac and googled new+movie+cheech+chong+2008, 6secs later….

How do you like them apples the whole first page of google did not reveal it to be true, no new film, just new t-shirts (which i ordered *blush*) and a new US comedy tour….booo! Am i to just forget about the whole thing? Page 2 of google had some crappy story from back in 2003 that they were thinking about doing a new movie…am i to believe if this is tru that a) they havent pulled there fingers out and made it yet and b) that the news has only just got to Reading!

Please can someone make another stoner movie, a brand new one with totally hilarious but sexy men…that stoner model Adrienne from ANTM cycle could be in it for the lads, Matthew Mconaughey for us ladies, or just me…the market is crying out for it. I am telling you How High, Half baked they are the most recent right? Oh wait Grandmas Boy, that was slighty stonerish, classic dealer! Have i missed something? Any suggestions that are crap will not be taken on board…no part timers here thank you :) Can someone also please stop hating on Reading and tell it things a little sooner, cause that just ain’t right.

In keeping with the green nature of this rant i am so high this post has took me ages and contains many a fun link, please explore them all!