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lyrically speaking

Ok so me and Engine-Earz are going head to head on AIM with a dnb video clash…we’re trying to make each other fall of our studio chairs laughing. So far this is taking the biscuit and inciting ROFLCOPTERs!

Oh No So Solid Are Back?

I got 21 seconds to go so i’ll make this quick. The infamous So Solid Collective are back (lets face it crew doesn’t sound that big anymore and there are definitely more of them this time round, maybe the Twins just had twins? Anyhoo…). Lock up ya daughters cause Romeo’s dun it again alongside the familiar face and sequined lapels of Megaman and of course the top heavy ‘they dont know’ bout the auto tune temptress herself Lisa Mafia. (more…)

Did you know that….

Diplo Pakistan

There’s a Diplo in Pakistan? Random fact of the day for ya people, now go on get back to whatever you were doing ;P

The best body in D’n'B?

Does anyone remember that Narni Shakers calender a few years back? I believe it was the first of its pirelli-esque kind in our genre. I was wondering if you did the same thing with DnB artists, which in their majority are men who would make the cut? Lol how sexist but ever so intriguing don’t you think…. (more…)

Isnt it funny when…..

…your strolling round north London with ya flat mate talking about the trials and tribulations of the one man you have in common and you stop randomly at a charity shop to dig through the 3 for £1 vinyl bin and pull out a 12″ featuring the guy in conversation!

3 for £1…Ooo thats got to hurt!

It must feel like a kick in the nuts having your music relegated to a charity shop vinyl bin…not so bad if it came out in the 70′s…i wonder if anyone has bought a track of mine from a charity shop for a bargin price (higher than free, you downloading pirates, lol!)…anyone??