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im taking you out bitch!

And i dont mean to a movie! OOoooh it only took a year to make but this video was so worth the wait, witness men turn to women, flutes as weapons, Huw Stephens and me acting aggy (once again) and being dragged out of a club in this video for Fray from Nerm & D-Code ft Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars).

Remix from NSG can be found here Fray is the next single from the album Phasmatis In Machina!

make you pop free download :)


Diplo & Don Diablo were responsible for two of last years massive club bangers Pon de Floor & Hooligans so its only natural that they’ve teamed up in 2010 to Make you Pop! Track is out in August and up for grabs as lickle appetiser in the meantime is the Diablo dubstep remix!

Download – Make You Pop (Don DIablo Dubstep Remix)

f**k me, thats amazing!

Noisia = Extremely talented producers. Alexander Lehmann = Noisia fan & ridiculously talented film-maker.
Put them together and what have you got? This amazing short film ‘Exodus’ for the 2007 release from the dutch trio ft (‘the mc’) KRS 1. Breathe easy now….Im still a bit flabbergasted by it all, its so insanely good ;)

now we can all play with noisia…


Just seen the link to this on twitter this afternoon thanks to Jaïn for letting me know it was up and running again. ‘Shoot to the beat, dont over heat’ are the instructions, as with most computor games i dont really get it (see my score!) but the musics good (obviously!) and tis fun to see the Noisia lads popping up on the side of screen with game hints and the like. Perfect for those boring moments at work/school/whereever, now go shoot stuff in time to dirty beats ;)

Hadouken – Tonight @ Moho Live

Hadouken at Moho Live tonight

Nu Rave/punk/grime/a lot of noize mob Hadouken have had quite a dutch year so far, having been in the country of dykes in the studio with super producers of the moment Noisia working on their forthcoming second album. (more…)

Just kill me now – Last look, Noisia…

Nosia logo

Its so deep and has nothing to do with me but feels like it was recorded with a microphone placed inside my mind, taking the last look of Sardinia, of anyone or anything special surely sounds like this… (more…)

D-Code Ft Nerm – Outlaw

Nerm & D-Code

Sept 14th sees the new release from Radio 1′s In New DJ’s We Trust dastardly duo Nerm & D-Code . (more…)

Oh thats who sings this song!

Miike Snow the uber group you definately have heard at some point this year or late last… Can’t remember where i heard this song first or if this was the version i heard. The chorus has bounced around my brain for ages but its only now im findin out that the super producer collab Miike Snow are behind it and a whole lot of other good ish too. Nothing but the best is to be expected from the team behind some of the biggest pop tracks of the past 10 years however their own sound ain’t a million miles away from the Brittany, Madonna & Kylie bangers they’ve created so could no doubt be as huge….

Id also like to make a note that im totally not over the look of the main singer ‘broody heroin vagabond chic’ dam guys that look like this, i am putty in ya artistically dirty hands :P